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July 21, 2023

IceRiver KS0 KAS Miner 100Gh Overview & Set Up


Kaspa mining follows the PoW algorithm, kHeavyHash, which allows high hashing power compared to other PoW algorithms like SHA-256 and ETHash. Additionally, Kaspa’s BlockDAG is highly energy-efficient, utilizes very less energy and does not waste any blocks. In short, Kaspa is much faster and more secure than Bitcoins — each Kaspa transaction is confirmed within approximately 10 seconds. Thus, Kaspa is more secure, decentralized and scalable than other cryptocurrencies. Moreover, since Kaspa is an open source, many miners started leveraging it to their advantage.

With Kaspa mining gaining momentum, the recent launch of the Iceriver KS0 KAS miner from Iceriver has attracted Kaspa miners worldwide. In this blog, let’s explore the KS0 KAS miner, its technical specifications, features, setup, profitability, and more.


    Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner Appearance

    Here is what the KS0 KAS miner looks like. You can see all the parts marked for easy understanding.

    Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner Appearance - 1 Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner Appearance - 2

    Interface Specifications

    Power Supply Input Interface DC Power Supply Interface

    65W, 19V = 3.42A


    USB Type – C Power Supply Interface:

    Protocol: PD2.0

    Input: 65w (max), 20V = 3.25A

    USB Output Interface 5v == 0.5A

    However, the DC and USB Type-C power supply interfaces should not be powered simultaneously.

    Technical Specifications

    Optimized for the KHeavyHash algorithm, Iceriver KS0 KAS miner has a maximum hash rate of 100Gh/s at a power consumption of only 65W.

    Manufacturer Iceriver
    Model KS0
    Also known as  Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner
    Release July 2023
    Weight 2500g
    Noise level 10db
    Size 200 x 194 x 74mm
    Voltage 12V
    Power 65W
    Interface Ethernet
    Temperature 0 – 35 °C

    Setting up the Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner

    Step 1: Precautions to follow

    • Ensure no physical interference causes damage to the machine, and beware of electric shock.
    • Check for loose connections and make them firm before switching on the miner.
    • Ensure the miner is not exposed to moisture.
    • Ensure the ambient temperature is between 0-35°C.
    • Place the miner horizontally in a well-ventilated area.
    • Ensure the humidity of the environment is below 90%.

    Step 2: Quick check before starting up

    • Check the appearance of the machine for deformation and breakage.
    • Inspect the fan and cable.
    • Examine for strange sounds in the machine.

    Step 3: Boot the machine

    • KS0 KAS miner does not support wifi. Hence, connect the machine to the Ethernet before plugging in the power cord. Once the machine is connected, you can see the red and green status lights blinking. After a minute, the green light blinks continuously, indicating that the miner has started.

    Step 4: Get Machine IP

    • You can get the IP address of the machine by downloading and unzipping the batch processing tool via the Iceriver website.
    • Click the [Detect IP] button and continuously press the machine’s button for 2s. You will see the pop up window asking for the machine IP.

    Getting Machine IP - 1

    • Now, open the web browser (preferably Chrome). Enter the IP address, and you will see the window asking for a username and password.

    Getting Machine IP - 2

    • Use the default username “admin” and the default login password “12345678” to log in to the machine.

    Step 5: Change language & Set the Password

    • Click “language” in the upper right corner of the page. Switch from Chinese to English.

    Change language & Set the Password - 1

    • It is recommended to change the password after using it for the first time. Click “user settings” and enter the current and new passwords, as shown below. Click the “save” button.

    Change language & Set the Password - 2

    • Once the password is changed, you should log in again with the new password.

    Step 6: Configure Mining Pools and Wallets

    • Go to the Mining Setting page and find Pool Configuration.

    Configure Mining Pools and Wallets

    You can configure three mining pools by giving the pool, wallet and worker names, respectively.

    * The password is optional and can be set or not. It does not affect mining.

    • Once you save and configure, a window will pop up saying successful configuration.
    • Now reboot the machine. Your machine is successfully connected to the mining pool.
    • You can configure your mining wallet address and adjust your fan speed before you start mining.

    Step 7: Start Mining

    Start Mining

    • You can see the KS0 KAS Miner mining at the maximum hash rate of 100Gh/s.

    Comparison of Top Kaspa Miners

    Let’s compare the Iceriver KS0 miner with other top Kaspa miners to better understand the features and functionalities.


    As you can see, Iceriver KAS KS0 gives the maximum hash rate of 100Gh/s at a mining power consumption of 65W/h. Furthermore, it is compact in size of 2.5kg, enabling miners to mine from anywhere.

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    KS0 KAS Profitability

    Any crypto mining machine’s profitability or Return on Investment (ROI) is not straightforward as it depends on several factors, including cryptocurrency price, market trends, mining difficulty, technological advancements, and much more. Thus, even crypto experts can’t predict the profitability of cryptocurrency or mining equipment accurately. Hence be an informed miner and do your research. Follow the market closely and analyze the price history and past performance of the cryptocurrency you would like to mine. Here is the price history of Kaspa for your reference.

    kaspa price history

    Source: Coinmarketcap

    As the graph illustrates, the Kaspa price looks positive. That, in turn, will positively impact Kaspa mining profitability as well. However, cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile, and miners should be watchful before making any major financial decisions.

    Future Perspective of Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner

    Iceriver KS0 KAS miner from Iceriver is one of the popular Kaspa miners currently available. Moreover, Kaspa’s price also seems positive, indicating a good future outlook for the KS0 KAS miner. However, the future perspective of mining hardware is intended to change beyond the technical aspects of the mining hardware. For instance, the market conditions listed below will impact the future perspective of the KS0 KAS miner.

    • Technological advancements would bring much-advanced mining hardware with improved features like advanced cooling systems, or AI-integrated mining hardware will affect the future of KS0 KAS miner.
    • Many mining companies have already started moving towards renewable energy resources-based mining hardware to reduce pollution and support sustainable mining. That, in turn, will impact the profitability or success of the KS0 KAS miner.
    • When demand for Kaspa mining increases, the mining difficulty will also tend to increase. A need for an advanced Kaspa mining machine fine-tuned for the enhanced mining algorithm may arise in the future, again impacting the KS0 KAS miner’s success.

    Order your IceRiver KS0 KAS Miner 100Gh


    With Kaspa mining gaining popularity, Iceriver’s KS0 KAS miner is one of the best Kaspa mining machines, with a hash rate of 100Gh/s. Its compact weight of 2.5kg and a noise level of a mere 10db makes it more attractive to Kaspa miners. If you’re looking for Iceriver KS0 KAS Miner, get it from a reliable mining hardware distributor to avoid fraudulent activities and financial losses. Plus, the quality of the hardware also plays a crucial role in your mining profits. Thus, partner with a reputed mining hardware dealer for a successful Kaspa mining journey.

    FAQs About Iceriver KS0 100Gh KAS Miner

    • Why is Kaspa mining gaining popularity in recent times?
    • Its energy-efficient mining algorithm makes Kaspa mining attractive to miners. Additionally, Kaspa’s price is also positive in recent times.

    • Is setting up the KS0 KAS miners need technical expertise?
    • No. It is a relatively easy process. You can use this blog as a reference or follow the instructional manual and set up the miner. You can reach Jasminer support in case of assistance.

    • What are some of the prominent features of the KS0 KAS miner?
    • Its maximum hash rate, user-friendly interface, compact size and reduced noise are some of the prominent features of the KS0 KAS miner.

    • What is the mining algorithm of the KS0 KAS miner?
    • Iceriver KS0 KAS miner follows the PoW-based algorithm, kHeavyHash.

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