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May 17, 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Kaspa Mining


Kaspa announces itself as the fastest, most open-source, decentralized and fully scalable Layer-1 in the world. Kaspa works based on the GHOSTDAG protocol, which is a simplified and scalable version, unlike the complex and conventional Bitcoin protocol. Kaspa acts like a digital ledger allowing parallel blocks and confirming instant transactions. Kaspa’s instant block times foster anonymous transactions, preventing users from exploitations and fraudulent activities. On the other hand, Kaspa utilizes a Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism like Bitcoin and has no governance of intermediaries. Hence, Kaspa stands out from other crypto projects as it has the highest block rates, unlike traditional blockchain and the finest security levels due to the PoW mechanism.


    Kaspa Mining Explained

    Kaspa acts like an instant validation transaction layer with a PoW consensus mechanism. Ideally, Kaspa is as secure as Bitcoin and acts like Bitcoin consensus in its simplest version. KAS is Kaspa’s native currency which miners can use on blockchain transactions and receive as mining rewards. Rather than neglecting parallel blocks like traditional blockchains, GHOSTDAG lets them coexist and order them in consensus.

    Kaspa is a community project which is available as open source with no governance of intermediaries like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Monero. Kaspa’s blockDAG network generates multiple blocks per second, enabling faster transactions. Kaspa is also faster than Bitcoin transactions, confirming transactions in around 10 seconds. Finally, Kaspa can generate and confirm multiple blocks every second. All of that makes Kaspa fast, secure and scalable.

    Kaspa ASIC Mining hardware

    Kaspa uses the kHeavyHash mining algorithm. So, you will need Kaspa mining hardware that supports the kHeavyHash mining algorithm. Here are some of the most used Kaspa mining hardware in the market.

    1. ASIC SuperScalar K10

    Listed under F2pool’s list of the best Kaspa mining hardware, SuperScalar K10 is one of the most used mining hardware for Kaspa. The technical information on K10 is here:

    • Algorithm: kHeavyHash
    • Hashrate: 30Gh/s
    • Power consumption: 1700W

    Though SuperScalar K10 is ASIC and more efficient than CPU or GPU, miners must wait and watch to know its performance and profitability.

    2. IceRiver KAS KS1

    Recently launched by IceRiver, KS1 is one of the most used Kaspa ASIC mining hardware in the current market. Here is the technical information on IceRiver KAS KS1.

    • Algorithm: kHeavyHash
    • Hashrate: 1T
    • Power Consumption: 600W

    3. IceRiver KAS KS2

    KAS KS2 is, again IceRiver’s product which is currently in use in the market.

    • Algorithm: kHeavyHash
    • Hashrate: 2T
    • Power Consumption: 1200 W

    IceRiver has received many negative reviews, which we will discuss next in this article.

    Kaspa Miner from IceRiver: How reliable are they?

    IceRiver KAS KS2, which is considered good for Kaspa mining, is highly controversial and in the news for all wrong reasons. Many online reviews from miners worldwide say it is a fake machine. However, there is insufficient evidence to validate whether it is fake or real, and we have to wait and watch. However, Red Panda Mining, a popular YouTube channel, recommends not pre-ordering Kaspa Miner from IceRiver as many orders are not delivered on time, and the company seems not legitimate. So, what’s next?

    Bitmain Kaspa Miner, Antminer KS3 launch

    The wait is over for Kaspa miners. The well-known and highly reputed company in the cryptocurrency industry, Bitmain, is about to launch Kaspa Miner, Antminer KS3, which is four times more powerful than IceRiver. Here is the tweet from Bitmain itself:


    Bitmain is expected to launch the Kaspa mining machine anytime sooner. They have listed Kaspa Miner, Antminer KS3 under the firmware download.


    Nick from Bitmain officially announced that KS3 would be launched soon. He further added that the sales time, device parameters, prices, and purchase channels are not yet unlocked. He asked the miners to follow the official Bitmain website to learn more about the KS3 launch. The hash rate of the KS3 ASIC miner is 8.3TH/s with 3188 Watts of power consumption at a 0.38 J/GHs power efficiency. Overall, the Antminer KS3 launch is big news and will be welcomed by cryptocurrency miners worldwide.

    Bitmain Antminer KS3 Specifications


    Kaspa Mining profitability


    According to Asicminervalue, the profitability will significantly decrease after the Bitmain Antminer KS3 launch. With many miners participating with ASIC miner like KS3, the hash rate will increase, while the Kaspa mining will get difficult. Thus, automatically, the profit margins will go down.



    Investing in the right mining hardware from a reputed manufacturer is crucial to make the most of the crypto mining industry. You can’t risk your time, money and your mining career by investing in unreliable hardware. Also, play safe while mining Kaspa as more and more miners will jump in with their ASIC miner, and the profits will significantly drop. So, do your research and make informed decisions before buying mining hardware. Nevertheless, Antminer KS3 is a straight launch from the industry expert Bitmain, making it a trustworthy and worthwhile investment.

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