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August 14, 2023

How to Set Up Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro?


Antminer Z15 Pro is a robust Zcash mining machine launched by the reputed mining hardware manufacturer, Bitmain in June 2023. Optimized for the Equihash algorithm, Antminer Z15 Pro has an excellent hash rate of 840ksol/s and an advanced version of its predecessor Antminer Z15 which has a hash rate of 420ksol/s. At an energy consumption of 2650W, Antminer Z15 Pro is ideal for mining Equihash-based cryptocurrencies like Zcash, ZenCash, Hush, Pirate, Horizon, Komodo, etc.

So, are you into Zcash mining and considering buying Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro, or have you already bought Z15 Pro and are unsure how to set up the mining machine? You’ve arrived at the right place. This blog will illustrate the Antminer Z15 Pro setup process with step-by-step instructions and relevant images. We will detail it from scratch, like what to expect in the shipment package to the Antminer Z15 Pro setting up process.


    What to expect in the Shipment Package?

    • This is how you will receive the Antminer Z15 Pro in a typical Bitmain box from Crypto Miner Bros.

    1 - What to expect in the Shipment Package

    • As you open it, you will see a thick protective foam on top for safe shipment.

    2 - What to expect in the Shipment Package

    • Once you remove the foam, the entire machine will be wrapped in an antistatic bag.

    3 - What to expect in the Shipment Package

    • As you remove the antistatic bag, you will find another thick protective foam at the bottom to protect the ASIC miner.

    4 - What to expect in the Shipment Package

    If you have decided to go for Antminer Z15 Pro, buying it from a reputed miner distributor is crucial. Crypto Miner Bros is known for its reputation and transparent charges. Get your Antminer Z15 Pro from Crypto Miner Bros.5 - Crypto Miner Bros Website
    However, the price mentioned here is subject to change.

    Always check the Crypto Miner Bros website for the latest price.

    • The Antminer Z15 Pro currently comes in two different looks. One is the same as the typical Antminer series, as shown in the following picture.

    6 - Antminer Z15 pro

    • The other comes with a protective metal cover, as shown in the following picture. It details all the technical specifications of the machine.

    7- Antminer Z15 pro

    Now it’s time to set up the Antminer Z15 Pro.

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    Step-by-step guide for setting up the Antminer Z15 Pro

    1. Preparing the ASIC

    • Since the ASIC miner will generate a lot of heat, placing it in a well-ventilated area is crucial.

    8 - Antminer Z15 pro

    • You will need a specialized power infrastructure as your Antminer Z15 Pro will need 2560W. So, getting a 230V 30amp circuit dedicated to ASIC mining is recommended.
      9 - Preparing an ASIC
      Consult a certified electrician to get this power infrastructure done if you’re mining from your home.
    • You will need 2 C13 or C14 ports and 2 sets of C-13 to C-14 power cables, and a Power Distribution Unit (PDU).

    10 - Preparing an ASIC

    11 - Preparing an ASIC

    • You will also need network connectivity as the miner has no wifi support.

    12 - Preparing an ASIC

    • Plug the internet cable into the miner.

    13 - Preparing an ASIC

    • Now plug in the C-13 to C-14 power cables into their miner.

    14 - Preparing an ASIC

    • Ensure all plugs are tight and there are no loose connections. Now you are all set to start the miner.

    2. Configuring the ASIC

    • Once the power supply is on, the ethernet light should come on.

    15 - Configuring the ASIC

    • Now you would need the IP address of the Z15 Pro. To get the IP address of the miner, you can choose any of the following steps:
      • You can use the free program software called Advanced IP Scanner to get your miner’s IP address.
      • You can log in to your router and get the IP address.
        16 - Configuring the ASIC

    3. Accessing the Z15 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Once you enter the IP address in the browser, a window will appear asking for a username and password.

    17 - Accessing the Z15 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Sign in to the browser by giving “root” as username and password. For all Antminer models, the default username and password is root. However, in other models from different companies, the credentials may vary. You can reach us at for assistance.
    • Now you can access the Web GUI of the Antminer Z15 Pro.

    18 - Accessing the Z15 Pro via the Web Browser

    4. Checking the Firmware

    • Go to systems in the menu to check the firmware date for the Antminer Z15 Pro.

    19 - Checking the firmware

    • Next, go to the Bitmain page and check the published date of the firmware.

    20 - Checking the firmware

    • If the da0tes are the same, you need not update the firmware. Else download the official firmware from Bitmain’s site. It is always recommended to use firmware from the manufacturer’s website as it helps you prevent viruses and unethical activities.

    5. Refining the Firmware

    • Go to the Antminer Z15 Pro dashboard.
    • Select the upgraded firmware that you just downloaded. Check the keep the same settings box.

    21 - Refining the Firmware

    • Click the update button and wait till the firmware is upgraded. It will take a few minutes.
    • Once done, you can see the dashboard displaying the updated firmware version.

    6. Adding the Mining Pool

    • Next, go to the settings page to set up the mining process by adding the mining pool, wallet address, and password.

    22 - Adding the Mining Pool

    • Choose the Cryptocurrency you want to mine and download the relevant crypto wallet.

    23 - Adding the Mining Pool

    • You can check Mining Pool Stats to choose the mining pool to mine Equihash-based coins. You can research and select the pool that best suits your mining needs. For instance, let’s take coolmine. top as a mining pool to mine Pirate Chain for demonstration.
    • You can copy the pool address from its website and paste it under the pool address.

    24 - Adding the Mining Pool

    25 - Adding the Mining Pool

    • Next, you can copy and paste the wallet address that you downloaded and paste it under Miner name along with the workername.

    26 - Adding the Mining Pool

    • Now give the password and hit save.
    • That’s it. Your Antminer Z15 Pro is now connected to the mining pool.

    7. Start Mining

    • You can check the Antminer’s dashboard after a few minutes to know the mining status. The mining process should have started.

    27 - Start mining

    • You can see here the Antminer Z15 Pro mining at its maximum hash rate of around 870ksols/s. However, the value might vary depending on your mining environment.
    • The power consumption of the Antminer Z15 Pro here is around 2687W.
      28 - Start miningHowever, the power consumption will vary depending on your mining atmosphere and temperature.

    Zcash Mining Profitability

    Unfortunately, the profitability of Zcash mining or any cryptocurrency is not straightforward. Besides the internal factors like mining hardware quality, hash rate and energy efficiency, the mining profitability depends on several external aspects like mining difficulty, electricity charges in your locality, Zcash price, etc. Since cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile, miners should study the market and understand the trends before participating in crypto mining. Here is a glimpse of Zcash’s price history and past performance.

    Zcash Price Chart

    Source: Coinlore

    Zcash Mining Difficulties

    Antminer Z15 Pro follows the PoW mining algorithm Equihash. Since Equihash is a memory-oriented algorithm, miners need more memory to solve the puzzles. Furthermore, Zcash mining calculations are complex to prevent unethical activities. All of these factors lead to increased mining difficulty. Besides, the mining algorithm regulates the mining difficulty based on the number of miners participating in the network.

    However, mining difficulty is not negative but crucial for the crypto mining industry. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and no third parties govern the mining process, a cryptocurrency’s mining algorithm must be difficult enough for hackers to break the network. In short, mining difficulty is essential for secure cryptocurrency transactions.

    Zcash Difficulty Chart

    Source: coinwarz 

    You can also check out our video tutorial of Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro Setup guide:

    Order your Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro


    High-quality crypto mining hardware can help you build a successful mining career. However, finding a reputed crypto mining hardware dealer amidst fraudulent dealers can be challenging. Crypto Miner Bros is one of the reputed crypto mining hardware dealers that you can rely on for reliable mining hardware. Get your Antminer Z15 Pro from Crypto Miner Bros now. If you have any questions or need any assistance in setting up the Antminer Z15 Pro, reach Bitmain customer support.


    • What is the hash rate of Antminer Z15 Pro?
    • Antminer Z15 Pro has an excellent hash rate of 840ksol/s

    • What is the energy efficiency of the Antminer Z15 Pro?
    • Antminer Z15 Pro gives an ultimate energy efficiency of 3.048j/ksol.

    • What is the mining algorithm for Antminer Z15 Pro?
    • Antminer Z15 Pro follows the Equihash algorithm.

    • What is the power consumption of the Antminer Z15 Pro?
    • Antminer Z15 Pro consumes around 2560W. However, it varies according to your mining atmosphere.

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