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August 2, 2023

Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro: Overview


After the soaring popularity of Bitcoin, many alternate coins (Altcoins) came into existence as a fork of Bitcoin. Zcash is one of the popular altcoins forked from Bitcoin and follows a different hashing algorithm, Equihash. Thus, Zcash is as robust as Bitcoin but has enhanced features like superior security and anonymity. Unlike Bitcoin, which reveals the transaction details and financial history, Zcash protects the details with end-to-end encryption. Known for its privacy, Zcash gives full control to users by allowing them to shield their transactions or make them public.

Moreover, Zcash transactions are faster than Bitcoin, while the transaction charges are relatively lower. Hence Zcash mining has also become popular among crypto enthusiasts. A robust ASIC miner, fine-tuned for the Equihash algorithm, is all you need for Zcash mining. Recently launched in June 2023, Antminer Z15 Pro from Bitmain, optimized for the Equihash algorithm, is a powerful Zcash miner with an excellent hash rate to mine successfully against mining difficulties.

Let’s discuss the technical specifications, profitability, and future perspective of the Antminer Z15 Pro in detail. A quick comparison table of Antminer Z15 Pro with other Zcash miners will help you choose the most suitable Zcash mining machine according to your mining needs.


    Technical Specifications

    Optimized for the Equihash algorithm, Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro has an excellent hash rate of 840 Ksol/s at a power consumption of 2650W. Here are the detailed technical specifications of the Antminer Z15 Pro.

    bitmain antminer z15 pro 1


    Model Z15 Pro
    Algorithm | Cryptocurrency  EquiHash | ZEC
    Hashrate(KSol/s) 840
    Power on wall(Watt) 2650
    Power efficiency on wall @25°C (J/Ksol) 3.15

    Hardware configuration

    Network connection mode RJ45 Ethernet 10/100M
    Miner Size (Length*Width*Height, w/o package), mm(1-1) 245*132.5*290
    Net weight, kg(2-1) 16.95
    Gross weight, kg 18.8

    Environment Requirements

    Working temperature(°C) 0~40
    Storage temperature(°C) -20~70
    Operation humidity(non-condensing), RH   ≤2000

    Mining Algorithm

    Antminer Z15 Pro is optimized for the PoW mining algorithm Equihash. It was developed in 2016 to address the limitations of other PoW algorithms, specifically SHA-256. Equihash is a memory-hard algorithm that demands more memory to solve the puzzles and mine the algorithm. In other words, Equihash demands miners to solve more complex mathematical calculations, which are then verified to evaluate whether the miner successfully solved the puzzle. Thus, Equihash makes the mining process more decentralized.

    Moreover, since Equihash demands less energy to solve mathematical problems, Equihash-based cryptocurrencies are more energy efficient. Its memory-hard algorithm also protects it from unethical activities like pre-computation attacks. It is because the hackers would need to spend a significant amount of memory to control the network’s mining power. Thus, Equihash is more secure and resilient to attacks.

    Algorithm Chart

    Every cryptocurrency follows a different mining algorithm. Here is a list of cryptocurrencies with their respective algorithms.

    algorithms and its minable coins

    How to Setup Antminer Z15 Pro?

    Setting up the Antminer Z15 Pro is similar to other Antminer models. All you need is a perfect power infrastructure of a 240V 30 amp circuit dedicated to ASIC mining to power your Antminer Z15 Pro. Partnering with a certified electrician and getting your power infrastructure done is highly recommended. Besides, you will need cables and a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to set up your Antminer Z15 Pro. Once your power is set up, you can connect with the respective mining pool readily through the internet and start mining almost immediately. You can get the real-time mining status with the exact hash rate and power consumption.

    You need not be a mining expert or need some technical expertise to set up or configure Antminer Z15 Pro. If you’re unsure or face difficulties setting up, refer to our Antminer Z15 Pro setup blog for detailed information and step-by-step instructions with relevant images.

    Since crypto mining generates heat, placing your Antminer Z15 Pro in a well-ventilated area is advisable. Also, maintain the environmental temperature and humidity levels mentioned in the specifications to prevent machine overheating. Regular dusting and hardware cleaning are recommended to prevent dust accumulation and ensure optimal performance.

    Comparison of Antminer Z15 Pro with other top Equihash Miners

    Let’s compare and analyze Antminer Z15 Pro with other top Equihash miners currently available. Comparing important factors like hash rate, power consumption, and energy efficiency will help you choose the most suitable miner matching your mining preferences. Here is a quick comparison chart of various Equihash miners.

    antminer z15 pro comparison

    As we can see, Antminer Z15 Pro has an excellent hash rate of 840ksol/s, compared to other Equihash miners, enabling miners to successfully mine Zcash despite mining difficulty. Ultimately, it gives an excellent energy efficiency of 3.048j/ksol at a power consumption of 2560W.

    Zcash Price History

    The price of the cryptocurrency you mine plays a vital role in determining your profits. Thus, analyzing the past price history and performance of the cryptocurrency you intend to mine is crucial. Here is the price history of Zcash for the last year for your quick reference.

    zcash price

    Source: Coinlore

    Antminer Z15 Pro Profitability

    Hash rate and energy efficiency are crucial factors in determining your mining profits. Antminer Z15 Pro has an excellent hash rate of 840ksol/s at a power consumption of 2560W and gives an optimal energy efficiency of 3.048j/ksol. Thus, Antminer Z15 Pro can help you cut your electricity bills while boosting your mining profits. Its excellent hash rate helps you mine Zcash successfully despite the mining difficulties. However, apart from the mining hardware quality and specifications, mining profitability depends on various factors.

    • Electricity Costs

    Since crypto mining is energy-intensive and demands more electricity, the electricity costs in your locality are crucial in determining your mining profits. So, considering electricity costs before indulging in crypto mining is mandatory.

    • Mining Difficulty

    When the cryptocurrency gains popularity, more miners join to make the network. The more miners, the higher the mining difficulty. Higher mining difficulty demands more computational power to mine new cryptocurrencies, impacting your profitability.

    • Zcash Price

    The price of Zcash will directly affect your profitability. The higher the cryptocurrency price, the more your profitability. However, cryptocurrency prices are notoriously volatile that even crypto experts can’t predict. Thus, miners should carefully watch the market and trends and follow the cryptocurrency price they intend to mine regularly.

    • Advanced Mining Hardware

    No wonder Antminer Z15 Pro is one of the most successful Zcash mining machines currently available. However, the mining hardware industry is promising with advanced technology and trends. The possibility of accessing more advanced hardware with excellent technical features is significantly high in the future. That, in turn, will impact the mining profitability of Antminer Z15 Pro.

    Antminer Z15 Pro Profitability Factors-infographics

    Future perspective of Antminer Z15 Pro

    Antminer Z15 Pro is a top Zcash mining machine from the reputed mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain. Though it has the maximum hash rate and efficient cooling system and will stay here long, the future perspective of Antminer Z15 Pro or any mining hardware is not straightforward. It depends on factors like mining trends, Zcash price, technological advancements, etc.

    With environmentalists and social activists proposing renewable energy resources for crypto mining, we could see many new crypto mining hardware using renewable energy resources. That, in turn, can impact the future perspective of the Antminer Z15 Pro. Besides, with the technological advancement, cloud mining services will also pace up, further affecting the future outlook of Antminer Z15 Pro. So, miners should do their research and study the market as they do with any investments.

    Order your Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro!


    With an advanced chip and innovative design, Antminer Z15 Pro is one of the finest Zcash miners in the market. Despite the mining difficulty, its excellent hash rate will let miners successfully solve the difficult Equihash algorithm and mine new coins. Buying your Antminer Z15 Pro from a reputed mining hardware distributor is crucial for a successful mining journey.

    However, Return on Investment (ROI) or profitability is not straightforward for any mining hardware, including Antminer Z15 Pro. Study the market and do your groundwork before buying any mining equipment.

    FAQs About Antminer Z15 Pro

    • What cryptocurrencies can you mine with Antminer Z15 Pro?
    • Besides Zcash, you can mine cryptocurrencies that follow Equihash algorithms like ZenCash, Hush, Pirate, Horizen, and Komodo.

    • Does setting up Bitmain Antminer Z15 Pro require technical expertise?
    • No. Setting up the Antminer Z15 Pro is quite an easy process. Miners can refer to our Antminer Z15 Pro setup blog with step-by-step instructions to set up their Z15 Pro.

    • How to prevent the heat generated during the mining?
    • Antminer Z15 Pro has an efficient cooling system with two high-speed fans to cool down the machine. However, placing the miner in an aerated area is advisable for immediate cooling.

    • How profitable is Zcash mining?
    • Mining profitability depends on many factors like Zcash price, the energy efficiency of your hardware, electricity costs, market trends, etc. Hence miners should make informed decisions when it comes to crypto mining.

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