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This algorithm is used by the most famous cryptocurrency Ethereum Classic. You can find the leading miners that use this algorithm on our website.

The product catalog under the EthashETC algorithm includes Anexminer ET3 300MH ETH &ETC, Anexminer ET4 ETC, BITMAIN Antiminer E9 2.4Ghz, E9 PRO 3.68 Ghz, Ipollo V1 Classic, Ipollo V1 Mini, Ipollo V1 Mini Classic plus, Ipollo X1, Jasminer X16-Q Claasic, X4-Q Classic, X4-Q-Z Classic, and X4-Z Classic Miner. All of these miners are categories under the EtHASHETC algorithm, which you can immediately buy by visiting the link or Crypto Miner Bros.