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Goldshell Miners is one of the most reputable and recognized technology companies that emerged in 2017 and deals extensively with the blockchain and cryptocurrency mining industry. Goldshell has its headquarters in Shanghai and offices in many places such as China, Shanghai, Hangzhou, etc.

Goldshell has shown extreme growth and technological advancements in the industry since its establishment. It continued to provide efficient computing devices and mining solutions to the people for effective expansion. They have Research and Development technology in practice, which 70% of their employees utilize to achieve great results. Goldshell has ten years of experience in IC and continues to cater to its clients’ needs with its industry expertise. They seek to incorporate knowledge about the upcoming technological advancements amongst the people so they are aware of the industry. It is to promote themselves and make people aware of their mining machine’s capabilities and efficiency.

They are leading the industry with great innovations and moving forward with the vision of reaching the parts of the world left by optimizing their product quality and technological capabilities each day. The best thing about Goldshell is that it is accessible to everyone and has a product range for all mining levels. This mark for the adversity combined with the innovation to achieve impeccable results. This quality of being versatile led them to be the best-known brand by all, with a great social network. They have over 31,000 followers and 7,500 members on their Twitter handle and Telegram. They also have active customer support that assists you with queries. Being one of the most affordable brands, Goldshell did not compromise its quality and services, even being one of the affordable brands. With the same vision, it continues to provide its clients with better products and profitability.


What are the different types of ASIC miners that Goldshell has?

Goldshell offers a variety of ASIC miner models to meet the needs of different users. The BOX series is designed for entry-level users who are looking for affordable and easy-to-use miner. The Lite series is designed for intermediate users who are looking for a more powerful and efficient miner. The Professional miner level is designed for experienced users who are looking for the highest hashrate and profitability.