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How To Manual Setup DAYUN Zig Z1 and Zig Z1+

October 22, 2018
  1. Check the machines if any loose, re-plug if

Check the machines


      2. Connect with the power and start.

Connect with the power and start


     3. Enter the Webpage of the Miner.

Default IP:; If your internet seg is not, please go to the router Lan IP to reset and change. Account name and password: admin, admin.

Enter the Webpage of the Miner


     4. Change your miner IP( if only one miner, you can skip this process)


Change your miner IP


   5. Create a Nicehash account via


Create a Nicehash account


    6. Nicehash 6. Log in Nicehash.


nicehash 6 Log in Nicehash


    7. Get a BTC Wallet Address.


Copy your wallet address to the miner


      9. how to get the pool address.

Roll down the page, find out the sell your hash power, choose your algorithnm as Lyra2re, and choose your own server position and generate stratum.


9. how to get the pool address


     10. Copy the pool address to the miners and save.


Copy the pool address to the miners and save


    11. Wait for the normal hashrate.


Wait for the normal hashrate


   12. Check your profit on nicehash.


Check your profit on nicehash


Check your profit on nicehash

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