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July 7, 2020

Hummer Miner Mars H1 Handshake Miner H1 Problem Fix / Firmware Upgrade


Recently there is Hummer H1 launched and there are no instruction for some problems and how to upgrade firmware. So here Crypto Miner Bros decode all problems and how to fix problem.


    Let’s Begin with Problem In Hummer Miner H1

    1. Can’t change Mining Pool In Hummer Miner H1
    2. Can’t Update Firmware In Hummer Miner H1
    3. After Pool Setup and Restart machine Pool Show Empty
    4. Can’t Click or Workable Update Pool Information
    5. How to Update Firmware in Hummer Miner H1

    Ok now i start with Pool can’t change 

    Hummer Miner H1 is Different From another company machine.  if anyone face this problem You need to manually add pool from outside Software ( Design for only H1 Miner )

    Hummer Miner H1 Software Link  : Hummer Miner H1 Software File 

    Software Instruction for Hummer miner H1 and Pool Change

    1. After Download Software From Above H1 Link 
    2. Open it and Go inside folder and Find “Application” file and Double click and Open that
    • After Open Software Please First Select Your Router Ip – Many people have someone have
    • Left Side of Corner You can change It with Your Suitable Link

    • After Check your IP Next Step is setup Your Pool In software and check mark Three Box on Pool 

    Notice : Make sure you use HNS Wallet Address in Setup 


    • URL: stratum+tcp://


    • After add Pool and Check mark All Three Box Next Step is Search IP Please Select Pool and Enter Pool then click here to search Ip. It’s in Chinese so You follow image.


    • After You can See Your Machine In This Space now Select Machine and Then Click On Setup Mining Pool. Make sure  You select Pool Setup Box.
    • Follow Image

    -Select 1,2,3 Pool and Check mark machine In Ip Showing. After Click on Setup Pool.

    -After wait for 2 Minute and Again Select Ip of Machine And Click Restart Machine Button(Imporatnt)

    • Follow Image


    • After 2 Minute wait Restart machine and You can Check machine Pool already changed.

    If anyone want to Update Software You can See In this Software and Find Ip and Update Software.


    Hummer H1 Upgrade file : HummerH1 Miner Update File


    -use this software for Update Firmware in Software . Above is Hummer h1 Update .BIN File.

    Thank for Your Support anything You wanted you can contact us

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