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September 28, 2023

New Goldshell Firmware Update [Sep 2023]


Goldshell has recently released firmware updates for a few of its miner models. Let’s discuss the Goldshell models that have firmware updates, their usage, and the importance of the firmware upgrade.


    What is Firmware?

    Firmware is a piece of software code embedded directly into the hardware, which manages the hardware components and optimizes its functionality. However, firmware turns outdated over a period of time. Thus, hardware companies periodically release firmware updates for every hardware they manufacture, which users can download.

    List of Goldshell Miners for Firmware Updates

    Goldshell has recently released firmware updates for the following models.

    1. Goldshell SC6 SE V2.2.2
    2. Goldshell SC BOXII V2.2.2
    3. Goldshell SC BOX V2.2.5
    4. Goldshell HSLITE V2.2.5
    5. Goldshell HSBOX V2.2.6

    Where to Download the Goldshell Firmware Update?

    Users can download Goldshell firmware updates from below shared Goldshell’s official handle link and benefit from it.

    Official Link: Goldshell New Firmware Update

    It is highly recommended to download the firmware from the official website and not from any third party websites for security reasons.

    How to Upgrade Goldshell Firmware?

    Step 1: Go to the Goldshell dashboard.

    Step 2: Visit the System page.

    Step 3: Select and upload the new firmware file into the upgrade firmware path.

    Step 4: Click the [Update] button.

    Step 5: The miner will start the firmware upgrade automatically.

    goldshell offical website

    What’s New in this Goldshell Firmware Update?

    Goldshell’s recent firmware update solves the existing small issues and has some new exciting features.

    Fixed SC Pool Rejection Issue – The firmware update solves the probability of mining pool rejection rates and ensures compatibility of your mining rig with the mining pool.

    Added Machine Sleep Mode – Now, users can operate Goldshell miners on a sleep mode to conserve energy and quick resumption of operation.



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