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August 16, 2023

Bitmain to introduce Antminer S21 at 2023 World Digital Mining Summit


The leading mining hardware manufacturer, Bitmain, is all set to reveal its advanced cutting-edge Bitcoin miner in the upcoming World Digital Mining Summit 2023. The Summit is scheduled for September 22nd to 23rd in the city well-known for digital mining, Hong Kong. Crypto mining enthusiasts worldwide are excited about this Summit as they expect to glimpse the revolutionary Bitcoin mining machine, Bitmain Antminer S21.


    Bitmain Antminer S21- What can you expect?

    Bitmain announced that it will launch its new ultimate Bitcoin mining machine, Antminer S21, at the World Digital Mining Summit 2023 in Hong Kong. The motive of the Summit is to encourage participants to take advantage of the mining landscape and enjoy the maximum benefits of the expected bull market. So, what can you expect from Antminer S21?

    Known for its proficient ASIC miners, Bitmain confirms Antminer S21 is one of the advanced Bitcoin miners with innovative technology and the latest features. Miners can expect the machine to come with an unparalleled hash rate and optimal performance. Like Bitmain’s previous launches, the Antminer S9 with an ultimate computational efficiency of 100J/T, and Antminer S19 with a computational efficiency of 20.8J/T, another feather to Bitmain’s cap will be Antminer S21 with an extraordinary computational efficiency of 1X J/T. Ultimately, Antminer S21 will be the first ASIC with such an excellent computing efficiency of 1X J/T, and energy efficiency of less than 20 J/T, reducing electricity consumption and enhancing mining performance. However, miners should wait and watch for more details on Antminer S21.

    What can you expect from Bitmain at this Summit?

    According to the Weixin report, Bitmain wants to give back to its loyal customers, offering excellent benefits. Customers will get

    • Loyalty points system
    • Exclusive offers

    With this Bitmain’s Customer loyalty points system, customers can earn credits and redeem Antminer S21. In short, Bitmain revolutionized the payment process by allowing customers to mine first and pay later. Additionally, participants can exchange loyalty points for Antminer S21 coupons, availing of exciting discounts and offers. Here is Bitmain’s official Tweet.

    The tweet further says, “Breaking into 1X J/T for the first time!” Plus, priority purchase is available for participants attending the event. Ticket booking is open for the event. Make a reservation right away from Bitmain.

    A Quick Comparison of Previous Antminer Series

    The below table illustrates the enhancement of energy efficiency in the Antminer series.

    comparing antminers SXX series

    Hong Kong – The Epicenter of Fintech

    The World Digital Mining Summit is about to happen this September in the global fintech hub, Hong Kong. Hong Kong has always encouraged blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies and now stands tall as a renowned blockchain and fintech hub in Asia. The region has been technology-friendly with blockchain support policies, attracting a pool of blockchain talents. Moreover, Hong Kong’s local government officials will participate in the Commit, reinforcing their support for blockchain technology and innovation.


    Technology keeps advancing according to people’s evolving needs, and the crypto industry is no exception. Staying tuned to new trends and cutting-edge technology make miners stand out and make the most out of the industry. Bitmain has always been the pioneer in adapting innovative technology and releasing advanced mining hardware. While all blockchain and crypto mining experts eyes on Bitmain’s upcoming announcements, miners must wait and watch to know more about Antminer S21.

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