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August 18, 2023

Top 5 Ethereum Classic Miners


Ethereum Classic follows a Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm like Bitcoin and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible like Ethereum, bringing the advantages of both coins. Thus, Ethereum Classic (ETC) is unique, offering decentralization like Bitcoin and flexibility of Smart Contracts like Ethereum. That, in turn, kindled the interests of miners worldwide to try their hands at ETC mining, paving the way for the launch of numerous Ethereum Classic Miners.

If you’re into ETC mining or want to try ETC mining and are not sure of which ETC miner to pick for your mining journey, you’re at the right place. This blog will walk you through the various aspects of ETC mining, like profitability, future outlook, etc. On top of it, we have zeroed down the top 5 ETC miners, comparing their features and functionalities and helping you pick the right ETC miner according to your mining preferences.


    Types of ASIC Miners

    ASIC miners are advanced crypto mining machines finely optimized for a specific mining algorithm. Thus, they can efficiently mine the intended cryptocurrency despite the mining difficulty. Though numerous crypto mining algorithms according to various cryptocurrencies are in use, let’s see the most commonly used algorithms and popularly mined cryptocurrencies.

    Mining Algorithm Mineable Cryptocurrency
    SHA-256 Bitcoin, BitcoinCash, Terracoin, BitcoinSV, Acoin, etc.
    EThash Ethereum Classic, Etho, Ubiq, Expanse, etc.
    Scrypt Dogecoin, Litecoin, Florincoin, DigiByte, Auroracoin, etc.
    X11 Dash, Onix, Axe, CannabisCoin, etc.
    Equihash Zcash, ZenCash, Horizen, Komodo, etc.

    Ethereum Classic follows a Proof of Work (PoW) based EThash algorithm. ASIC miners that are finely optimized for the EThash algorithm are known as ETC miners. We will discuss the top ETC miners in the market later in this blog.

    Things to consider while buying ASIC Miners

    Buying the right mining hardware is crucial for your successful crypto mining journey. Here are a few things to consider before investing in an ASIC miner.

    1. Cryptocurrency you intend to mine

    Cryptocurrency is highly volatile and its price varies drastically. The price of the cryptocurrency you mine directly impacts your mining profitability. Hence choosing the right cryptocurrency with good price history is important. So, research, study the market and choose the cryptocurrency with a good price range.

    2. The Cost of ASIC Miner

    Crypto mining demands high computational power. ASIC miners that are finely optimized for that specific mining algorithm can mine cryptocurrency efficiently without overheating the machine. However, ASIC miners are more expensive than CPU or GPU, impacting your profit margins. Hence, miners should consider the ASIC’s price before investing in it.

    3. The Hash Rate of the ASIC

    The hash rate is nothing but how fast the hardware solves the calculations every second. So, the higher the hash rate, the better chance you can mine cryptocurrencies. Evaluate the hash rate of the ASIC before buying it.

    4. The Energy Consumption of the Miner

    Crypto mining is an energy-intensive process that will impact your mining profits. Hence, considering the energy consumption of the hardware and electricity costs in your locality is mandatory to keep the electricity bills in check and enhance your mining profits.

    Why ASIC Miners?

    Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) miners are ideal for crypto mining as they are finely optimized for specific mining algorithms. These ASIC miners help miners to mine their preferred cryptocurrency efficiently with its higher hash rate and low energy consumption. Moreover, if an ASIC is built for a particular algorithm, it can mine all cryptocurrencies following that algorithm. For instance, if an ASIC miner is fine-tuned for the EThash algorithm, it can mine all cryptocurrencies that follow that algorithm.

    Here are some advantages you can enjoy by choosing an ASIC miner for crypto mining.

    • Better Efficiency

      ASIC miners are finely optimized for the specific mining algorithm, unlike CPUs and GPUs. Hence it can solve complex puzzles much faster and help miners mine new cryptocurrencies efficiently.

    • Maximum Hash Rates

      ASIC miners use high-graded specialized hardware components specifically designed for crypto mining. Thus, these ASIC miners come with higher hash rates helping miners to solve complex algorithms faster and maximize their rewards.

    • Improved Longevity

      Crypto mining generates a large amount of heat. Since ASIC miners are specifically built for crypto mining purposes with efficient cooling systems, they can readily dissipate the heat generated during the mining process, aiding the longevity of the hardware.

    • Highly Competitive

      When a cryptocurrency gets popular, more and more miners will participate in mining that cryptocurrency, increasing the mining difficulty. Since these ASICs come with excellent hash rates, miners can solve cryptographic puzzles despite the mining difficulty.

    why choose asic miners for crypto mining

    How do we pick the Best ETH Miners?

    Here is the list of things to check for the most suitable ETH miner.

    1. The hash rate of the miner
    2. The energy efficiency of the ETH miner
    3. Reputability of the mining hardware’s manufacturer
    4. The upfront cost of the ETH miner
    5. The cooling system of the ASIC
    6. Noise level of the miner
    7. Scalability of the miner
    8. Compatibility of the miner with the mining pool
    9. Reviews of the miner

    Top 5 Ethereum Classic Miners

    Here are the top 5 ASIC miners finely optimized for the EThash algorithm. The mining machines below are from reputed brands with the best features and specifications that you can leverage for ETC mining.

    1. Jasminer X16-P

    Jasminer X16-P Miner

    The reputed and well-known brand for Ethereum Classic mining, Jasminer, is about to launch its advanced ETC miner, Jasminer X16-P, in August 2023. It has an excellent hash rate of 5800Mh/s at a mere power consumption of only 1900W. The maximum hash rate enables miners to identify blocks faster and mine new coins quicker. The machine is built with advanced semiconductor chips and high-graded materials, aiding optimal mining performance. That, in turn, improves the consistency and longevity of the machine. The ideal atmospheric temperature for Jasminer X16-P is 0-40°C, and humidity is 5 – 95%.

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    2. Jasminer X16-Q

    Jasminer X16-Q 1845MH Miner

    Jasminer X16-Q comes next on the list when it comes to top Ethereum Classic miners. Right from the reputed mining hardware manufacturer, Jasminer X16-Q is fine-tuned for the EThash algorithm. It has an excellent hash rate of 1950Mh/s at a power consumption of only 620W. It has an efficient air cooling system with two high-speed fans to instantly dissipate the heat generated during crypto mining. A compact weight of 10000g and an elegant look makes the Jasminer X16-Q more attractive to miners. Ensure you keep your Jasminer X16-Q in a well-ventilated area with an atmospheric temperature of 0 – 40 °C and humidity of 5 – 95%.

    Check Now: Jasminer X16-Q

    3. Jasminer X4

    Jasminer X4 2.5Gh/s Miner

    Again Jasminer wins the race for Ethereum Classic mining. Another model from Jasminer, X4, with a maximum hash rate of 2.5Gh/s at a power consumption of 1200W, is one of the most successful Ethereum Classic miners available. Also known as the Sunlune Jasminer X4 Etchash server, it has four high-speed fans to instantly cool down the machine preventing it from overheating. Placing the miner in an aerated place is vital for improved machine longevity and performance. Ideally, the atmospheric temperature should be 5-40 °C, and humidity should be around 5 – 95% for optimal miner functioning.

    Check Now: Jasminer X4

    4. Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro 3.68Gh/s ETC Miner

    Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro 3.68Ghs Miner

    Antminer E9 Pro from the reputed mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain is finely optimized for the EThash algorithm, enabling miners to mine Ethereum Classic despite the competitiveness and mining difficulty. Its excellent hash rate of 3.68Gh/s helps miners to solve puzzles faster and mine new cryptocurrencies successfully. It comes in an industry-standard design, equipped with four high-speed fans to cold down the machine. Placing the miner in an open space with good ventilation helps the machine cool down readily. The optimal atmospheric temperature for Antminer E9 Pro is 0 – 40 °C while humidity is 10 – 90 %.

    Check Now: Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro 3.68Gh/s ETC Miner

    5. Jasminer X4-Q-Z Ethereum Classic Miner

    Jasminer X4-Q-Z Miner

    Jasminer has been renowned for Ethereum Classic mining. Jasminer’s X4-Q-Z, another ETC miner from Jasminer, is fine-tuned for the EThash algorithm, aiding miners in mining Ethereum Classic coins successfully. It has an excellent hash rate of 840Mh/s at a mere power consumption of 380W, cutting electricity costs for miners while boosting their mining profits. An efficient air cooling system with two high-speed fans and a reduced noise level of 40db gives miners a positive mining experience. An atmospheric temperature of 0 – 40°C and humidity of 5 – 95% is ideal for Jasminer X4-Q-Z.

    Check Now: Jasminer X4-Q-Z

    Comparing the top 5 Ethereum Classic Miners

    A mining hardware’s hash rate, power consumption, and energy efficiency are crucial in determining the hardware’s quality. Here is the breakdown of the hash rate, power consumption, and energy efficiency of the top 5 Ethereum Classic Miners.

    comparing the top 5 ethereum classic miners

    Market Outlook & Profitability of Ethereum Classic Miners

    The market outlook of any crypto mining device depends on how reputed the brand is, the price of the cryptocurrency you intend to mine, current market conditions, etc. Hence, besides the quality of the mining hardware, the profitability of Ethereum Classic mining also depends on various factors, like the price history of Ethereum Classic, the electricity charges in your country, the market trends, and more. Now let’s see the price history of Ethereum Classic for the past year.

    price history of Ethereum Classic

    Source: Coinlore

    As you can see, the price graph of Ethereum is positive and not very volatile. That indicates a good sign and good returns. However, the cryptocurrency market is subject to change, so watching the market closely and making informed decisions is crucial for miners to avoid losses and enhance profits.

    Future Scope of Ethereum Classic Miners

    Ethereum Classic mining is booming, and hence the future scope of Ethereum Classic miners are highly positive. However, here are a few things that can impact the future outlook of these miners.

    • The arrival of advanced mining hardware with improved features and specifications in the future can impact these Ethereum Classic miners’ profitability.
    • Cloud mining services have become increasingly popular, which may reduce the need to buy mining equipment, which can again impact these Ethereum Classic miners.
    • Changes or upgrades in mining algorithms according to the mining difficulties can also impact the future performance of these miners.
    • Lastly, Ethereum Classic’s price directly affects Ethereum Classic miners’ scope.

    So, miners should consider all the above-listed points and closely watch the crypto mining market before buying any crypto mining hardware.

    Check Out Latest Ethereum Classic Miners


    Choosing the right mining equipment is crucial for a successful mining journey. If you’re interested in Ethereum Classic mining and want to take it to the next level, invest in the best quality mining hardware. Hope this blog will act as a handy reference and help you pick the right Ethereum Classic miner suitable for your mining needs. Wish you all success in your Ethereum Classic mining journey.

    FAQs on Ethereum Classic Miners

    • Can we mine Ethereum Classic with GPU or CPU?
    • Technically, you can mine ETC using a GPU or CPU, but it is inefficient. ASIC miners are finely optimized for the EThash algorithm with high computational power, helping miners mine new coins successfully.

    • Things to consider when buying an Ethereum Classic Miner
    • Hash rate, power consumption, and energy efficiency are the prime factors to consider when buying any crypto mining hardware.

    • What other cryptocurrencies can we mine using Ethereum Classic Miner?
    • Besides Ethereum Classic, all cryptocurrencies that follow the EThash algorithm can be mined using Ethereum Classic miner. For example, Ubiq, Expanse, Etho, Musicoin, etc.

    • A mining pool or solo mining?
    • If you’re a beginner, it is better to join a mining pool where you can share your computational resources and take support from fellow miners while mining.

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