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December 7, 2023

MicroBT Whatsminer M60S: The Comprehensive Overview


Of all cryptocurrencies, the first ever cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is the most preferred cryptocurrency to date. In fact, the popularity of Bitcoin keeps increasing as Bitcoin prices keep rising in recent years.

Thus, more and more Bitcoin miners are launched with advanced features and technologies to meet the mining preferences of modern Bitcoin miners. MicroBT Whatsminer M60S is the recent addition to the list, mining the SHA-256 algorithm with a maximum hash rate of 186Th/s at a power consumption of only 3441W.

The blog will give you an overview of Whatsminer M60S, discussing its features, technical specifications, profitability, and future perspectives.


    Technical Specifications of Whatsminer M60S

    Finely programmed for the SHA-256 algorithm, MicroBT Whatsminer M60S has a maximum hash rate of 186Th/s at a mere power consumption of 3441W.

    MicroBT Whatsminer M60S Bitcoin Miner

    Manufacturer MicroBT
    Model Whatsminer M60S
    Release October 2023
    Size 430 x 155 x 226mm
    Weight 13500g
    Chip Size 5nm
    Noise Level 75db
    Fan(s) 2
    Voltage 220-240V
    Power 3441W
    Interface Ethernet
    Temperature -5 – 35 °C

    Setting Up the Whatsminer M60S

    Setting up the Whatsminer M60S is similar to any other ASIC miner. It is almost like a plug-and-play method that anyone can do. All you need is an appropriate power infrastructure, as the power requirements for Bitcoin mining are high, and the regular home power setup won’t work.

    Almost all ASICs demand around 3000+ watts as crypto mining is an energy-intensive process. Hence, you should consult a certified electrician and get your specialized power infrastructure done to run your Whatsminer M60S.

    Moreover, ASICs, including Whatsminer M60S, do not support wifi. Thus, you should have a wired internet connection and place your Whatsminer M60S in a place accessible to the internet.

    Besides, placing your Whatsminer M60S in a well-ventilated area is highly recommended, as Bitcoin mining will release a lot of heat. Whatsminer M60S demands a relatively cold atmosphere with a recommended temperature of -5 – 35 °C. Maintaining that optimal temperature will enhance the machine’s performance and longevity.

    If you’re wondering how to set up Whatsminer M60S or are finding any challenges in setting it up, you can read our Whatsminer M60S setup guide. The blog illustrates the entire setup process with detailed instructions and appropriate images for better understanding.

    After setting up your Whatsminer, you can immediately join your preferred Bitcoin mining pool and start mining Bitcoins immediately.

    Comparing Whatsminer M60S with other top Bitcoin Miners

    Let’s compare Whatsminer M60S with other top-notch Bitcoin miners in the market. That will help you better understand how it stands against the other Bitcoin miners.

    comparing whatsminer m60s with bitcoin miners

    As the table clearly illustrates, Whatsminer M60S comes with a good hash rate, lower power consumption, and excellent energy efficiency.

    Bitcoin Price History

    Since Bitcoin price plays a vital role in determining your Bitcoin mining profits, tracking the price history of Bitcoin is mandatory. Moreover, Bitcoin price is highly volatile and keeps fluctuating like other cryptocurrencies. Thus, miners should follow the price history of cryptocurrencies closely before making any major decisions.

    bitcoin price chart

    As the graph says, Bitcoin’s price has steadily risen over the years, showing its positive performance. However, miners should be watchful and track the cryptocurrency price they intend to mine regularly to enhance their profits and minimize losses.

    MicroBT Whatsminer M60S Profitability

    As a cryptocurrency miner, it’s advisable to assess hardware profitability before investing. However, predicting the profitability of mining hardware, such as the MicroBT Whatsminer M60S, is a complex task.

    In essence, the profitability of crypto mining hinges on numerous factors beyond just the hardware’s quality. Factors such as cryptocurrency value, mining difficulty within the network, local electricity costs, trends in the crypto market, advancements in mining algorithms, regulatory changes, and more all contribute to the overall profitability equation. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider these indirect elements before delving into crypto mining activities.

    The Whatsminer M60S, a reputable product from the established mining hardware manufacturer MicroBT, boasts exceptional technical specifications. It features a commendable hash rate, premium-grade components, low power consumption, and optimal energy efficiency. Consequently, the likelihood of discovering new blocks is relatively high, leading to potentially increased profits.

    Future Perspective of MicroBT Whatsminer M60S

    MicroBT Whatsminer M60S is exceptionally good for Bitcoin mining with excellent hash rate and energy efficiency. Moreover, it is compact and thus convenient to mine Bitcoins on the go. MicroBT is a well-known brand and is reputed in the crypto mining industry. However, the future perspective of a particular mining hardware depends on several factors other than its reputation and features.

    Bitcoin remains the top cryptocurrency since its launch in 2009. Its popularity will only rise, and people will choose Bitcoin not just for investing but also for mining. That, in turn, will lead to the launch of various advanced Bitcoin miners matching the evolving needs of modern mining enthusiasts in the future. The launch of such latest Bitcoin miners may impact the profitability of Whatsminer M60S.

    Additionally, network difficulty, electricity costs in your locality, regulatory affairs, Bitcoin price, and many other factors will impact the profitability of Whatsminer M60S. Thus, miners should pay extra attention to all related factors contributing to Bitcoin mining before buying any mining hardware.

    Check Out the Latest MicroBT WhatsMiner M60S Miner


    MicroBT Whatsminer M60S, fine-tuned for the SHA-256 algorithm, has an excellent hash rate of 186Th/s at a reasonable power consumption of 3441W while giving an excellent energy efficiency of 0.019j/Gh. All you need is to buy your MicroBT Whatsminer M60S from a reliable mining hardware distributor. Thus, you can ensure high-quality mining hardware while preventing unwanted delays and fraudulent activities.

    FAQs on Whatsminer M60S

    • Will Bitcoin price impact the profitability of Whatsminer M60S?
    • Of course. Bitcoin price will likely impact the profitability of M60S. Thus, miners should follow the Bitcoin price and market trends closely.

    • Suggest some reputed Bitcoin mining pools.
    • Antpool, Foundry Digital, F2Pool, Binance, and ViaBTC are some of the top Bitcoin mining pools. You can check mining pool stats to choose your Bitcoin mining pool.

    • Things to consider while buying Bitcoin mining hardware.
    • ~Hashrate

      ~Power consumption

      ~Energy efficiency

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