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February 2, 2024

How to Set Up Bitmain Antminer S21 200Th?


Bitmain Antminer S21 (200Th) is a premium Bitcoin miner launched in March 2024 with a maximum hash rate of 200Th/s at a power consumption of 3550W. It gives an excellent energy efficiency of 0.017j/Gh. Fine-tuned for the SHA-256 mining algorithm, Antminer S21 mines famous cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Terracoin, BitcoinSV, etc.

Here is a quick reference guide to set up Bitmain Antminer S21 (200Th) with step-by-step instructions and detailed images. Get to know from scratch, from what to expect in the shipment package to the miner setting up process.


    What to expect in the Shipment Package?

    • This is how you will receive the Antminer S21 200Th in a typical Bitmain box from Crypto Miner Bros.

    1 - unboxing bitmain antminer s21

    • The ASIC is safely padded with foam pieces for better protection. As you open it, you will see a quick start guide to help you use the miner.
    • Antminer S21 comes with a power cable, P13 to C20, unlike the previous versions.

    2 - P13 to C20 Cable

    • As you remove the foam, you will find the entire machine perfectly wrapped in an antistatic bag and foam underneath for safe shipping. Carefully remove it and place it on a flat surface.

    3 - unboxing antminer S21

    • If you order Antminer S21 200Th from a reputable site like Crypto Miner Bros, you will get the hardware within a few days. Crypto Miner Bros is transparent in its cost and has no hidden charges. For instance, all the charges listed on the website include shipping and taxes. For the current updated price, always check the website.

    The Antminer S21 200Th currently comes in two different looks. One is the same as the typical Antminer series, as shown in the following picture.

    4 - Bitmain antminer S21

    The other comes with a protective metal cover, as shown in the following picture.

    5 - Bitmain antminer S21

    Now, the actual setting up process begins.

    Step-by-step guide for Setting up the Antminer S21 200Th

    1. Preparing the ASIC

    • Place your Antminer S21 on a flat surface where you have a wired network and in a relatively cool atmosphere, as the machine will release heat.

    6 - Bitmain antminer S21

    • The power requirements of any ASIC miner are relatively high. The Bitmain Antminer S21 200Th will require 3500W. Hence, ensure you have 30 amps 240V PDU and circuit to run your Antminer S21 if you’re in North America.
    • The major upgrade in the Antminer S21 is its new power cable. Unlike the Antminer’s previous versions, which require two sets of C-13 to C-14 power cables, the Antminer S21 requires P13 to C20. This P13 to C20 cable is a three-stranded 12 gauge cable that can handle the immense power and heat generated during the mining process. Luckily, that cable comes along with the Bitmain, as shown below.

    7 - New P13 to C20 Cable for Antminer S21

    • Plug the Ethernet cable into the miner, as no wifi support is available in any ASIC.

    8 - Connecting P13 to C20 cable in Antminer S21

    • Now, plug the P13 to C20 cable into the ASIC miner.
    • Ensure all plugs are tight and there are no loose connections. Now you are all set to start the ASIC.

    2. Configuring the ASIC

    • Once the power supply is on, the ethernet light should come on.

    9 - Configuring the antminer s21

    • Now you would need the IP address of Antminer S21. To get the IP address of the miner, you can choose any of the following steps:
      • You can use the free program software called Advance IP Scanner to get your miner’s IP address.
      • You can log in to your router and get the IP address.

    3. Accessing the S21 200Th via the Web Browser

    • Once you enter the IP address in the browser, a window will appear asking for a username and password.
    • Sign in to the browser by giving “root” as username and password. For all Antminer models, the default username and password is root. However, in other models from different companies, the credentials may vary. You can reach us at for assistance.
    • Now you can access the Web GUI of the Antminer S21 200Th.

    10 - accessing the S21 via web browser

    4. Checking the Firmware

    • Go to systems in the menu to check the firmware upgrades for the S21 miner.
    • Next, go to the Bitmain page and check the published date of the firmware.
    • If the dates are the same, you need not update the firmware. Else download the official firmware from Bitmain’s site. It is always recommended to use firmware from the manufacturer’s website as it helps you prevent viruses and unethical activities.

    5. Refining the Firmware

    • Go to the Antminer S21 dashboard.
    • In case you downloaded the latest firmware version, select the upgraded firmware that you just downloaded. Check the “keep the same settings” box.

    11 - refining the firmware

    • Click the update button and wait till the firmware is upgraded. It will take a few minutes.
    • Once done, you can see the dashboard displaying the updated firmware version.

    6. Adding the Mining Pool

    • Now, go to the settings page to set up the mining process by adding the mining pool, wallet address, and password.

    12 - adding the mining pool

    • You can check Mining Pool Stats to choose the mining pool to mine Bitcoin. You can research and select the pool that best suits your mining needs. For instance, let’s take for demonstration.
    • You need to make an account with any mining pool first. Log in to your account and get the mining pool address. Copy the mining pool address.

    12 - adding the mining pool

    14 - adding the mining pool

    • Paste it under the Mining address on the settings page. Next is the miner’s name. You can find the miner name under the worker configuration. You can give the name of your choice. Finally, give the password of your choice and hit save.

    15 - adding the mining pool

    • That’s it. Your Antminer S21 is now connected to the Bitcoin mining pool.

    7. Start mining Bitcoin

    • You can check the Antminer’s dashboard after a few minutes to know the mining status. The mining process should have started.
    • Sometimes, there may be a lag. You can always restart the miner to know the actual readings.
    • After the restart, you can see Antminer S21 mine Bitcoins at the maximum hash rate of around 200Th/s.

    16 - start mining bitcoin

    • The power consumption of Antminer S21 is around 3500W. Here the reading says 3822W. The power consumption will fluctuate according to your mining environment.

    17 - antminer s21 power consumption

    What’s different about the New Cable P13 to C20?

    Antminer S21 comes with its own power cable, P13 to C20. The older Antminer versions had C13 and C14, which are regular power cables used in desktops and electronic devices. P13 is a three-stranded, 12-gauge power cable, ideal for devices like ASICs that require significant electric power. On the other hand, the C20 connector is much larger than the C14 and is suitable for PDUs providing high power. Thus, the new cable, P13 to C20, that comes with Antminer S21 is ideal for ASICs as they require high electric power.

    18 - C13 to P20 Cable

    Bitcoin Mining Profitability

    The profitability of Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency is not straightforward. It depends on various factors like mining difficulty, hash rate, electricity costs in your area, Bitcoin price, etc. Moreover, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, and thus, miners should be watchful and study the market carefully. Here is the Bitcoin price history for the last year for your quick reference.

    19 - bitcoin mining profitability

    Bitcoin Mining Difficulties

    Every cryptocurrency has a dedicated algorithm that constantly regulates the mining difficulty based on the number of miners in the network. Bitcoin follows the Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and the mining algorithm, SHA-256. Crypto mining is an energy-intensive, complex technological process where miners must solve complicated mathematical algorithms to identify new blocks and mine new Bitcoins.

    The Bitcoin difficulty algorithm maintains stability in mining by setting a fixed time to find new blocks. Plus, the algorithm keeps increasing and decreasing the difficulty level in real-time. For instance, the protocol reduces the mining difficulty if only a few miners are in the network, allowing the miners to discover blocks faster. In contrast, the algorithm increases the difficulty level if more miners are in the network.

    Mining difficulty is crucial as crypto mining is a decentralized process not governed by third parties. Otherwise, miners will discover blocks faster with advanced mining devices, making the entire mining process centralized and unpredictable. Though mining difficulty seems challenging to earn more profits, preventing hackers from attacking the blockchain network is crucial. In short, mining difficulty ensures secure crypto transactions.

    How to Setup Video Tutorial of Bitmain Antminer S21

    Explore the Latest Bitmain Antminer S21 Now


    The quality of the crypto mining hardware determines your mining journey. Thus, investing in high-quality crypto mining hardware is the first step toward your successful crypto mining. Hence ensure you buy Antminer S21 200Th from a reliable company. If you have any queries in setting up the Antminer S21, contact Bitmain customer support for assistance.

    FAQs on Setting Up Antminer S21 200Th

    • What is the new cable required to power the Antminer S21?
    • Antminer S21 comes with a new three-stranded 12 gauge cable, ideal for sustaining immense heat generated during the Bitcoin mining process. Rather than needing two sets of C-13 to C-14 cables, users can now use one P13 to C20 cable to power their Antminer S21.

    • How reliable is Antminer S21?
    • Antminer S21 is from the reputed mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain. Known for its quality mining hardware, Bitmain’s Antminer S21 comes with an excellent hash rate of 200Th/s and an outstanding energy efficiency of 0.017j/Gh.

    • What is the durability of Antminer S21?
    • In general, an ASIC miner lasts for around 7 years. If you maintain it well and clean regularly, the life span will only last longer. Moreover, since Antminer S21 comes with an efficient air cooling system, it dissipates heat effectively and gives excellent mining performance in the long run.

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