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September 13, 2023

Canaan Launched its Innovative Avalon A14 Series on its 10th Anniversary


With the Bitcoin halving date nearing, the Bitcoin mining world is undergoing remarkable changes. The leading mining hardware manufacturers are coming up with top-notch Bitcoin miners to meet modern miners’ evolving Bitcoin mining needs.

In mid-August, Bitmain revealed its new product, the ultimate Bitcoin miner, Antminer S21, with an energy efficiency of less than 20J/TH, which will be launched at the World Digital Mining Summit 2023 in Hong Kong. Now, after a few weeks of Bitmain’s announcement, another pioneer in the mining hardware industry and the first Nasdaq-listed ASIC company, Canaan, revealed its latest Avalon A14 series with the equivalent efficiency below 20 J/TH.


    Canaan’s Official Tweet

    The top mining hardware manufacturer Canaan has recently tweeted about its new product, the Avalon A14 series. Canaan introduced its Avalon A14 series on the Avalon Bitcoin and Crypto Day, which marks Canaan’s 10th anniversary.

    The groundbreaking event occurred at The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore, on 12th September 2023. Crypto miners worldwide participated in the event, expecting a revolutionary change in the Bitcoin mining space.

    Here is Canaan’s tweet for a quick glimpse.

    Deals and Offers by Canaan

    Canaan has just launched the much anticipated Avalon A14 series, including A1446, A1466, and A1466I. Canaan explained the payment details and exclusive offers for its Avalon series in its recent tweet.

    Customers can pay a deposit of $1 per T( tetra hash) and secure their orders. Canaan encourages customers to book the machines before 21st September 2023 and save substantially. For instance, the deposit doubles and is deducted as 2T/H on the final payment, cutting costs drastically. Miners should deposit before the stipulated time (21st September) to avail of the offer.

    Impressively, Canaan ensures an outstanding performance rate of around 20J/T at a competitive price of $1 per tetra hash. Canaan has set the minimum order hash rate as 480P, while the miners will be delivered in the first and second quarters of 2024.

    Furthermore, Canaan guarantees free cancellation on or before 21st September 2023. The customer gets the full amount refunded by cancelling the order within that time. That speaks volumes about Canaan’s genuine products and customer care.

    Avalon A14 Series – Technical Specifications

    Canaan’s A14 series miners has both air-cooled and liquid-cooled models. In the Avalon A14 series, A1466 has a computing power of 150TH/s and an energy efficiency of 21.5J/T, whereas the A1466I has a computing power of 170TH/s and an energy efficiency of 19.5J/T. Miners appreciate Canaan for achieving an energy efficiency ratio below 20J/T.

    Additionally, Canaan has come up with integrated deployment solutions for both air-cooled and liquid-cooled models. Thus, the miners seamlessly integrate with other systems in the mining rig and are easy to deploy. Besides, Avalon A14 series miners are equipped with entire power distribution modules, high-speed fans, water curtains and other high-grade internal components for easy deployment and a positive mining experience.

    Quick Comparison of top-notch Bitcoin Miners with A14 Series

    Here is a quick comparison table of top Bitcoin miners, including the Avalon A14, Avalon A13 and Antminer S19 series.

    comparing top bitcoin miners with latest avalon a14 series

    The recently launched Avalon A14 series gives an energy efficiency of around 20J/TH, which is better than any previous Bitcoin miners.

    A Sneak Peak into the Avalon Bitcoin and Crypto Day (ABCD) Event

    Canaan, a pioneer in the ASIC manufacturing industry, celebrated its 10th anniversary as Avalon Bitcoin & Crypto Day in Singapore on 12th September 2023.

    Founders, investors, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and media worldwide attended the inventive event.

    Canaan's A14 Series Launch event

    While the top-notch Bitcoin miners, including the Avalon 13 series and Antminer S19 series, give an energy efficiency of around 25 to 30 J/TH, the Avalon 14 series is expected to provide an impressive energy efficiency of less than 20J/TH. However, miners have to wait and see.

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    Since its launch in 2009, Bitcoin has emerged as the most widely opted cryptocurrency. As a result of the substantial investments made by numerous individuals, Bitcoin mining has consistently remained an attractive field for cryptocurrency miners across the globe. With a few months away from the Bitcoin halving event, Canaan has launched the Avalon A14 series to excite the Bitcoin mining community. Bitcoin miners should make the most of the event by availing of the exciting offers. People in Singapore can attend the event to understand the current Bitcoin mining landscape and further possibilities.


    • What are the miners in the Avalon A14 series?
    • The Canaan Avalon A14 series includes A1446, A1466 and A14661.

    • Is the amount fully refundable if I cancel the order?
    • Yes. The amount is fully refundable provided you cancel it within the stipulated time, on or before September 21st.

    • What is the efficiency of the Avalon A14 series?
    • Canaan promises an outstanding efficiency of less than 20J/T.

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