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September 5, 2023

Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro: Complete Setting Up Guide


Finely optimized for the EtHash algorithm, Antminer E9 Pro is a premium ETC (Ethereum Classic) Miner launched in February 2023 by the leading mining hardware manufacturer, Bitmain. Antminer E9 Pro comes with an excellent hash rate of 3.68Gh/s at a power consumption of a mere 2200W, enabling miners to successfully mine new ETC coins despite the mining difficulty.

If you are interested in EtHash mining and considering buying Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro, this blog will detail the machine’s characteristics, from its technical specifications to setting up the device. More than a set-up guide, the blog will give you every relevant information like what to expect in Bitmain’s shipment package, EtHash mining profitability, mining difficulties and step-by-step instructions on how to set up Antminer E9 Pro with appropriate images.


    What to Expect in the Shipment Package?

    • Here is how you will receive the Antminer E9 Pro in a typical Bitmain box from Crypto Miner Bros.

    1. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    • Once you open the package, you will see the product wrapped with thick protective foam for safe shipment.

    2. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    • As you remove the foam, you will find the entire machine wrapped in an antistatic bag.

    3. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    • As you remove the antistatic bag, you will find another thick protective foam at the bottom to protect the ASIC miner.

    4. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    • The Antminer E9 Pro currently comes in two different looks. One is the same as the typical Antminer series, as shown in the following picture. As you can see, the Antminer E9 Pro is large, long and heavy. So, be careful while unpacking the package.

    5. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    • The other comes with a protective metal cover, as shown in the following picture. It details all the technical specifications of the machine.

    6. Unboxing Antminer e9 pro

    Step-by-step guide for setting up the Antminer E9 Pro

    1. Preparing the ASIC

    • Since your E9 Pro will generate much heat, placing it in a well-ventilated area is crucial to exhaust the heat generated.
    • You will need a specialized power infrastructure as your Antminer E9 Pro will draw 2200W. Hence getting a 230V 30amp circuit dedicated to ASIC mining is mandatory.
      7. Preparing the ASIC
      Verify with a certified electrician and get this power infrastructure done if you’re mining from home.
    • Now, since the ASIC miner does not have wifi support, ensure you place the miner where you have internet connection. Connect the ethernet cable into the miner.

    8. Preparing the ASIC

    • You will need 2 C13 or C14 ports and 2 sets of C-13 to C-14 power cables, and a 240 V 30 amp Power Distribution Unit (PDU) to power the ASIC. These C13 and C14 cables will not come with the miner, and you should buy them separately.

    9. Preparing the ASIC

    10. Preparing the ASIC

    • Now plug in the C-13 to C-14 power cables into the ASIC miner.

    11. Preparing the ASIC

    • Ensure all plugs are tight and there are no loose connections. Now you are all set to start the miner.

    2. Configuring the ASIC

    • Once the power supply is on, the ethernet light should come on.

    12. Configuring the ASIC

    • Now you need the IP address of the Antminer E9 Pro. You can get the IP address of the ASIC in the following methods.
      • You can use the free program software called Advanced IP Scanner to get your miner’s IP address.

    13. Configuring the ASIC

      • Alternatively, you can use Bitmain’s IP Reporter.

    14. Configuring the ASIC

      • You can also log in to your router and get the IP address.

    3. Accessing the Antminer E9 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Enter the IP address in the browser. You will see a window asking for a username and password.

    15. Accessing the Antminer E9 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Sign in to the browser by giving “root” as username and password. For all Antminer models, the default username and password is root. However, in other models from different companies, the credentials may vary. You can reach us at for assistance. It is highly recommended to change the password later.

    16. Accessing the Antminer E9 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Now you can access the Web GUI of the Antminer E9 Pro.

    4. Checking the Firmware

    • Go to systems in the menu to check the firmware date for the Antminer E9 Pro.

    17. Accessing the Antminer E9 Pro via the Web Browser

    • Now go to the Bitmain page and check the published date of the firmware.

    18. Checking the Firmware

    • If the dates are the same, you need not update the firmware. Else download the official firmware from Bitmain’s site. It is always recommended to use firmware from the manufacturer’s website as it helps you prevent viruses and unethical activities.

    19. Checking the Firmware

    5. Refining the Firmware

    • Go to the Antminer E9 Pro dashboard.
    • Select the upgraded firmware that you just downloaded.

    20. Refining the Firmware

    • Click the update button and wait till the firmware is upgraded. It will take a few minutes.

    21. Refining the Firmware

    • Once done, you can see the dashboard displaying the updated firmware version.

    6. Adding the Mining Pool

    • Next, go to the settings page to set up the mining process by adding the mining pool, wallet address, and password.
    • You can use miningpoolstats site to select the ideal mining pool for ETC mining. Here, let’s choose for demonstration purpose.
    • Copy the pool address and paste it on the mining address.

    22. Adding the Mining Pool

    23. Adding the Mining Pool

    • Next, you should get a wallet address for ETC mining. Here, we’re using free download software called Zelcore. Copy the wallet address and paste it on the miner’s name. While pasting the miner’s name, you have to end it with a period and enter the worker name of your choice. For example, the copied wallet address.worker name.

    24. Adding the Mining Pool

    25 Adding the Mining Pool

    • Finally, enter the password. You can give either 123 or X and hit save.

    26 Adding the Mining Pool

    • After a while, you can see the mining pool status as “normal”.

    27 Adding the Mining Pool

    • Your Antminer E9 Pro is now connected to the mining pool.

    7. Start Mining

    • You can check the Antminer E9 Pro’s dashboard after a few minutes. The mining process should have started.
    • You can see here the Antminer E9 Pro mining at its maximum hash rate of around 3.68Gh/s. However, the value might vary depending on your mining environment.
    • The power consumption of the Antminer E9 Pro here is around 2070W. However, the value will vary depending on your mining environment.

    28 Start Mining

    ETC Mining Profitability

    The profitability of crypto mining, irrespective of the cryptocurrency, is complex. It depends on various internal factors like mining hardware quality, hash rate, energy efficiency, and several external factors like mining difficulty, the cryptocurrency price you intend to mine, electricity costs, etc. Hence, miners must follow the market closely and track the price history of the cryptocurrency before indulging in crypto mining. Regarding Antminer E9 Pro and Ethereum Classic mining, E9 Pro is a classic ETC mining machine with an excellent hash rate and optimal mining performance. Let’s analyze the price history of Ethereum Classic for the last year. That will help you further understand the possible profitability of ETC mining.

    29 ETC Mining Profitability

    ETC Mining Difficulties

    Mining difficulty refers to how difficult or lengthy it takes to find the new block. It depends on the mining algorithm and hence varies from cryptocurrency to another. Moreover, mining difficulty depends on the number of network participants. The more miners participating, the more the difficulty level. The mining difficulty for Ethereum Classic (ETC) varies with every block. According to, ETC’s average block target time is 13 seconds. Often the mining difficulty is expressed in a 256-bit number, representing the maximum value of a valid hash needed to mine a block. Miners participating in ETC mining should find a hash close to that number and create a valid block. The difficulty is adjusted based on the time taken to mine the previous block. For instance, if the block is mined quickly, the mining difficulty is increased, whereas if it takes longer, the difficulty is decreased. Here is the ETC mining difficulty chart for the last year.

    30 ETC Mining Difficulties

    Source: Coinwarz

    Check Out the Video Tutorial of How to Setup of Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro 3.68Gh/s

    Order your Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro


    Buying a high-quality ASIC finely optimized for the EtHash mining algorithm is the first step toward ETC mining. An ETC miner with an excellent hash rate will help you mine blocks faster despite the mining difficulty. But partnering with a reputed mining hardware dealer is crucial for optimal mining performance. Crypto Miner Bros is one of the leading mining hardware distributors specializing in ASIC miners. Buy your Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro from Crypto Miner Bros.

    FAQs on Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro

    • What coins can you mine besides Ethereum Classic with Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro?
    • Besides Ethereum Classic, Antminer E9 Pro mines all cryptocurrencies following EtHash algorithms like Ubiq, Expanse, Etho, Ethereum Classic, Musicoin, EtherGem, Callisto, and QuarkChain.

    • Does Bitmain Antminer E9 Pro have wifi support?
    • No. Most ASIC, including E9 Pro, doesn’t support wifi. Miners need to have a wired internet connection to access the internet on the ASIC.

    • What is the recommended mining pool for Antminer E9?
    • Many pools support ETC mining. You can check miningpoolstats to pick the ideal mining pool according to your mining needs.

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