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August 25, 2023

Step-By-Step Guide to Setting Up Iceriver KS1?


Recently launched in August 2023, Iceriver KS1 is finely optimized for the KHeavyHash algorithm, ideal for Kaspa mining. KS1 has an excellent hash rate of 1000Gh/s, enabling miners to mine Kaspa coins efficiently despite the difficulty in the mining network. Moreover, KS1 consumes less power, only 600W, keeping your electricity bills down while boosting your mining profit margins.

The setting up process of Iceriver KS1 is similar to any other ASIC miner, which is pretty straightforward. Here, we’ve compiled a setup guide for Iceriver KS1 with detailed step-by-step instructions with relevant images for your ease. More than a setup guide, you will also know what to expect in the Iceriver shipment package, voltage and power requirements, Kaspa mining profitability, and more.


    What to expect in the shipment package?

    • Here is how you will receive Iceriver KS1 from Crypto Miner Bros.

    • The machine is safely packed with thick foam pieces to prevent damage during shipping.

    • As you unbox it, you will find a hefty machine. Take it carefully and place it on a flat surface where you have a wired network and good airflow, as the machine will release enormous heat.
    • The Iceriver KS1 comes in two different looks. One is similar to the typical ASIC miners.

    3 - What to expect in the shipment package

    • The other comes with a protective metal cover like this.

    4 - What to expect in the shipment package
    Now, you’re ready to set up your Iceriver KS1.

    Step-by-step guide for setting up the Iceriver KS1

    1. Preparing your machine

    • You will need C-13 to C-14 cables to power your Iceriver KS1.

    5 - Preparing your machine

    • You will need special power infrastructure for Iceriver KS1 as the miner requires 240V, as it won’t work on a typical 120V home voltage setup. Ensure you get your power infrastructure done by a certified electrician.

    6 - Preparing your machine

    • You will need a 240V 30A Power Distribution Unit (PDU). Plug one end of the C-13 to C-14 cable in the PDU and the other end in the power plug in the ASIC miner.

    7 - Preparing your machine

    8 - Preparing your machine

    • Now connect the Iceriver to the router with a network cable (Ethernet cord).

    9 - Preparing your machine

    2. Configuring the Miner

    • Once the power supply is on, the ethernet light should come on.

    10 - Configuring the Miner

    • Now, once the internet is on, you will need a laptop or computer to get the IP address of your ASIC.
    • To get the IP address of the miner, you can choose any of the following steps:
      • You can use the free program software called Advance IP Scanner to get your miner’s IP address.
      • You can log in to your router and get the IP address.

    11 - Configuring the Miner

    3. Accessing the KS1 via the web browser

    • Once you enter the IP address in the browser, a window will appear asking for a username and password.

    12 - Accessing the KS1 via the web browser

    • Sign in to the browser by giving “admin” as username and “12345678” as password. That is the default username and password for Iceriver models. However, in other models from different companies, the credentials may vary. You can reach us at for assistance.

    13 - Accessing the KS1 via the web browser

    • Once you log in, Iceriver suggests changing the password.

    14 - Accessing the KS1 via the web browser

    • You can change the password by going to the user settings tab on the left. Give your preferred password and hit save.

    15 - Accessing the KS1 via the web browser

    4. Changing the Mining Settings

    • You can change the Pool name, Worker/Wallet name, and password by clicking on the mining settings tab.
    • Now, if you’re a new miner unsure of which mining pool to mine on, you can visit Miningpoolstats to pick the most suitable Kaspa mining pool.

    16 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Let’s choose for illustration purposes. Once you go to its website, you will see the “how to start” button on the top right.

    17 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • On clicking the “how to start” button, you will see all the mining pool options for Kaspa. You can pick the suitable mining pool.

    18 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Copy the server address and paste it into the mining pool address on the Iceriver Web GUI.

    19 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • The next step is to add the Kaspa Wallet name to your KS1. There are numerous Kaspa wallets available. Here, let’s take Zelcore for illustration.

    20 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Get your receiving wallet address from Zelcore.

    21 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Copy the wallet address and paste it on the web interface.

    22 - Changing the Mining Settings

    23 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Now, you should add the worker’s name. The worker’s name is the extension of the wallet address separated by a period. For example, wallet address. worker name of your choice.
    • You can give a password of your choice.
    • Next is the fan speed. Depending on your mining environment, you can increase or decrease the fan speed from 30% to 100%. However, the higher the fan speed, the louder the environment and more the power consumption.

    24 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Give the fan speed of your choice. Click on the checkmark and hit save.
    • Now, go back to home and check the temperature to ensure you’ve set the appropriate fan speed.

    25 - Changing the Mining Settings

    • Check the temperature and try not to go beyond 55°C.
    • Now, you’re all set to mine Kaspa.

    5. Start Mining Kaspa

    • You can check the Iceriver KS1’s dashboard. The mining process would have already started.

    26 - Changing the Mining Settings

    Iceriver KS1 Profitability

    The profitability of Iceriver KS1 is not straightforward as it depends on various factors like Kapsa mining difficulty, Kaspa price, electricity charges in the locality you mine, hash rate, etc. Hence, miners should closely watch the market before mining any cryptocurrency. Now, let’s analyze the price history and the past performance of Kaspa.

    27 - Iceriver KS1 Profitability

    Source: Coinmarketcap

    Kaspa mining difficulties

    Kaspa follows the energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism like most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Zcash, etc. KHeavyhash, Kaspa’s mining algorithm, regulates the difficulty level for Kaspa miners to mine new Kaspa coins.

    In PoW-based cryptocurrencies, the miners should solve complex cryptographic puzzles to find new blocks and generate new coins. Each cryptocurrency has an algorithm that regulates the difficulty level for miners to mine new blocks. That is often termed as mining difficulty.

    When more and more Kaspa machines are launched in the future, more Kaspa miners will participate in Kaspa mining, increasing the difficulty while decreasing the mining profits. Miners should wait and watch. However, mining difficulty is crucial as it secures the cryptocurrency from cyber attackers. Plus, mining difficulty keeps the network decentralized, generating new blocks steadily.

    You can also check out our video tutorial of IceRiver KS1 Setup guide:

    Order your IceRiver KS1 KAS Miner Miner


    Setting up your Iceriver KS1 is the same as any other ASIC miner. You can readily set up your KS1 by following the step-by-step instructions given in the blog. Happy mining. Always ensure you buy your Iceriver KS1 from a reliable mining hardware distributor.

    FAQs on Iceriver KS1

    • Is Iceriver KS1 noisy?
    • Any ASIC miners, in general, are noisy. However, you can adjust the fan speed of KS1 to minimize the noise levels.

    • Is Iceriver KS1 energy efficient?
    • Iceriver KS1 has an excellent hash rate, enabling miners to mine efficiently despite the network difficulty. Additionally, its high-speed fans cool down the heat instantly. Thus, KS1 is highly energy efficient.

    • What is the mining algorithm of Iceriver KS1?
    • Iceriver KS1 follows the KHeavyHash, the mining algorithm specific for Kaspa. Thus, one can efficiently mine Kaspa coins with Iceriver KS1.

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