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May 27, 2024

How to Setup Goldshell AL Box?


Goldshell is a well-known and established brand in the crypto mining industry for its high-quality mining hardware. The recent launch from Goldshell, AL Box mining Blake3 algorithm has a maximum hash rate of 360Gh/s at a power consumption of only 180W. It gives an excellent energy efficiency of 0.5j/Gh.

Let’s see how to set up Goldshell AL Box in detail with step-by-step instructions and appropriate images.


    Step-by-Step Guide for Setting Up the Goldshell AL Box

    1. Preparing the ASIC

    • Goldshell AL Box mining Alephium is compact, enabling miners to mine comfortably from anywhere.

    Goldshell AL Box - 1

    • Unlike other ASIC miners, which demand high power, AL Box requires only 180W. Hence, you can run the ASIC either on 120V or 240V. However, it depends upon the power supply you are using to run the miner.

    Power supply for asic miner

    • The AL Box doesn’t come with a Power Supply Unit (PSU). You can power your ASIC using two different power supply methods.~HP Server PSU with a breakup board PCI-e cables
      HP Server PSU with PCI-e breakout board cables -3~ATX Power Supply with PCI-e cables and a 24-pin power supply.
      ATX PSU with PCI-e cables and 24-pin connector -4Here, we will be using HP Server PSU with a breakup board of PCI-e cables for demonstration.
    • You will need an ethernet cable for the initial setup. However, unlike other ASICs, AL Box comes with Wi-Fi support that you can use while mining.

    AL Box supports Wi-Fi for mining; Ethernet needed for setup -5

    • Plug the PCI-e cables into the ASIC.

    Plug the PCI-e cables into the ASIC - 6

    • Now, plug in the Ethernet cable for the initial setup. Eventually, we can use Wi-Fi while mining.

    Plug in Ethernet for setup; switch to Wi-Fi for mining - 7

    • You will need a power cable to connect your HP Server PSU to the power supply. You can use your regular home power supply as the AL Box needs only 180W.

    power cable to connect your HP Server PSU to the power supply - 8

    • Connect the cable to the regular home power supply. Ensure all plugs are tight and there are no loose connections. You’re all set to start the ASIC.

    2. Configuring the ASIC

    • Once the power supply is on, the light should come on.

    Power on; light should activate - 9

    • The next step is to get the IP address of Goldshell AL Box.

    Next, obtain Goldshell AL Box IP address - 10

    • Go to the website called Advanced IP Scanner. It is a free program software that gives you ASIC’s IP address.
    • Alternatively, you can log in to your router to get the IP address.

    3. Accessing the AL Box via the Web Browser

    • Enter the IP address of your ASIC in the browser.

    Enter IP address of your ASIC in the browser - 11

    • That will take you to the home page of the AL Box.

    ASIC IP leads to AL Box homepage - 12

    4. Refining the Firmware

    • Using the latest firmware version is highly recommended for optimized mining performance. Check your firmware version on the settings page. If it is not the recent version, you can get it downloaded from the official website.
    • Go to the Goldshell official website Github. Download the latest firmware version.

    Download latest firmware from Goldshell GitHub - 13

    • Now, go back to the Web GUI of the AL Box. Click on the firmware file you just downloaded and update it.

    Update firmware in AL Box Web GUI - 14

    • The firmware update may take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Once done, you can check the updated firmware version on your dashboard.

    Firmware update takes 5-10 mins. Check version on dashboard after - 15

    5. Downloading the Alephium Wallet

    • You would need a dedicated Alephium wallet to receive Alephium.
    • You can download the Alephium wallet from its official website,

    Download Alephium wallet from - 16

    • You can pick and choose the wallet according to your preferences.

    Choose wallet based on preference. - 17

    6. Adding the Mining Pool

    • To add the mining pool, you should unlock your miner. Click on the unlock button at the top right.

    Unlock miner to add pool Click Unlock top right - 18

    • The default username is admin, and the password is 123456789. Click unlock to add the mining pool.

    Default Username=admin, Password=123456789. Click Unlock to add pool. - 19

    • Now, go to the pool settings page and add the mining pool, miner name, and password.

    Add pool, miner name, and password in pool settings.- 20

    • You can check the suitable mining pools for Alephium on mining pool stats. For demonstration purposes, let’s use Go to Alephium (ALPH) and click on “Tutorial”.

    Use for Alephium mining. Visit ALPH, click Tutorial - 21

    • Copy the mining pool address.

    Copy the mining pool address - 22

    • Paste the copied address in the URL.

    Paste the copied address in the URL - 23

    • Next is the miner’s name. It’s your receiving wallet address.

    Next is the miner’s name. It’s your receiving wallet address - 24

    • Paste the address on the miner’s name tab separated by .albox. The password is 123. Click Apply.

    Paste address in miner name, add .albox, password is 123. Click Apply - 25

    7. Start Mining Alephium

    • You can see the mining pool address updated. The mining process would have started with the dxpool. You can see the mining pool status in real time.

     View real-time mining pool status with updated address. - 26

    Alephium Mining Profitability

    The mining profitability of Alephium or any other cryptocurrency is complex. It depends on diverse factors, such as the price of Alephium, the hash rate, power consumption, electricity charges in your area, the quality of your mining hardware, market conditions, and more.

    First, the price of Alephium directly affects mining profitability. Thus, monitoring its price movements is crucial. Moreover, cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile, and keeping an eye on them will help you make informed decisions.

    Here is a graphical illustration of Alephium price movements for the last year.

    alephium 1 year price graph - 27

    Source: Coinmarkecap

    Alephium Mining Difficulty

    Each cryptocurrency has its specific mining algorithm that regulates its mining difficulty to maintain consistent block generation time. Thus, mining difficulty varies from one cryptocurrency to another. For instance, Bitcoin’s block generation time is 10 minutes, whereas Litecoin’s block generation time is 2.5 minutes.

    Alephium follows the Blake3 algorithm, which regulates the mining difficulty in real time based on the number of network participants. For instance, the algorithm increases the difficulty level if there are more miners in the network and decreases it if there are a few network participants.

    Besides consistent block generation time, mining difficulty is crucial to maintaining the decentralization, security and integrity of the blockchain network. Thus, secure crypto transactions are possible.

    Check out the Detailed Video Tutorial of How to Setup AL Box:

    Check out the latest Goldshell AL Box Miner


    Setting up your Goldshell AL Box involves a few simple steps. Most ASIC miners come in play-and-play types that anyone can set up by following these steps. However, just make sure, you get your Goldshell AL Box from a reputed mining hardware distributor to avoid any fraudulent activities or unwanted delays.

    FAQs on How to Setup AL Box?

    • Does Goldshell AL Box have Wi-Fi support?
    • Yes. Goldshell AL Box has Wi-Fi support that you can use while mining Alephium. However, you will need a dedicated wired connection for the initial setup process.

    • Name some best practices to keep Goldshell Box secure?
      • Change your default login credentials
      • Update firmware regularly to the latest version
      • Enable firewall and antivirus protection
      • Keep your mining atmosphere relatively cool.

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