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April 18, 2024

How to Setup Elphapex DG-1?


ElphaPex DG-1 mining Scrypt algorithm has a maximum hash rate of 11000 Mh/s at a power consumption of 3420W. Furthermore, it is equipped with four high-speed fans to prevent machine overheating and enhance heat dissipation.

If you’re into Dogecoin or Litecoin mining and plan to buy the recently launched Scrypt miner Elphapex DG-1 but are unsure, here is a quick guide. Get to know from scratch, right from what to expect in the shipment box to setting up the Elphapex DG-1, with this handy guide.


    Unboxing the Elphapex DG-1

    • Here is how you will receive the Elphapex DG-1 in a box from Crypto Miner Bros.

    The Elphapex DG-1 in a box. - 1

    • You can see the dimensions of ASIC mentioned in the box.

    The dimensions of ASIC mentioned on the box. - 2

    • As you open the box, you will find the entire ASIC wrapped in thick foam to protect it during shipping.

    The entire ASIC wrapped in thick foam to protect it during shipping. - 3

    • The package includes a handy user manual. Users can scan the QR code to access the manual on the company’s official website.

    Package includes QR code for manual on company website. - 4

    • Once unboxed, Elphapex DG-1 looks like this.

    Unboxed, Elphapex DG-1 looks like this. - 5

    • The actual setting up process begins now.

    Step-by-step Guide for Setting up the Elphapex DG-1

    1. Preparing the ASIC

    • Any ASIC miner requires a relatively high power supply, over 3000W. Thus, a regular home power setup won’t work. You need a dedicated power infrastructure for your ASIC miner.

    You need a dedicated power infrastructure for your ASIC miner. - 6

    • Collaborating with a certified electrician and getting a dedicated power setup to run your ASICs is highly recommended. You will need a 240V 30A circuit PDU and L6-30 receptacle to power your ASIC miner.

    Your ASIC miner needs a 240V 30A circuit and L6-30 receptacle. - 7

    • Since the ASIC miners release a large amount of heat, having this entire setup in an aerated place with a lot of ventilation is highly advisable. Additionally, ensure you have a dedicated wired internet connection in the mining area, as ASICs don’t have Wi-Fi support. Now, place the miner on a flat surface in the ventilated area.
    • The Elphapex DG-1 requires two sets of C-13 to C-14 power cables to power the miner. Ensure you get 14-gauge thick cables, which withstand the heat your ASIC generates.

    Elphapex DG-1 needs two C-13 to C-14 power cables to run. - 8

    • Now, plug the Ethernet cable into the miner, as no Wi-Fi support is available in the ASIC.

    Plug Ethernet cable into ASIC, no Wi-Fi support. - 9

    • Next, plug the two C13 and C14 power cables into the ASIC miner.

    Plug two C13 & C14 cables into ASIC. - 10

    • Ensure all plugs are tight and there are no loose connections. Now, you are all set to start the Elphapex DG-1.

    2. Configuring the ASIC

    • Once the power supply is on, the ethernet light should come on.

    When power's on, Ethernet light should activate. - 11

    • The next step is to find the IP address of your Elphapex DG-1. You will need a laptop or desktop with the same internet connection.
    • Go to the website Advanced IP Scanner. It is a free program software that gets you ASIC’s IP address.

    Use Advanced IP Scanner to find ASIC's IP. - 12

    • Alternatively, you can log in to your router to get the IP address.

    3. Accessing the Elphapex DG-1 via the Web Browser

    • Once you enter the IP address in the browser, a window will appear asking for a username and password.

    Enter IP in browser, login window appears. - 13

    • Sign in to the browser by entering “root” as a username and password. For all Antminer models, the default username and password is root. However, in other models from different companies, the credentials may vary. You can reach us at for assistance.

    Login with "root" as username and password. - 14

    • As you sign in, you can access the web GUI of Elphapex DG-1.

    Login to access Elphapex DG-1 web GUI. - 15

    4. Checking the Firmware

    • Checking the firmware version of your ASIC and ensuring it is the latest version is crucial for its optimal functioning and syncing with the mining pool.
    • Go to ElphaPex’s official website. Click on the Technical Support tab.

    Check ASIC firmware on ElphaPex website under Technical Support. - 16

    • You can check whether any recent firmware updates are available and ensure you download the latest.
    • Now, go to the update tab. You can import the firmware you downloaded and click the update button.

    Import downloaded firmware, click update in the update tab. - 17

    5. Adding the Mining Pool

    • Now, go to the settings page and set up the mining pool, wallet address, and password.
    • You can pick and choose any mining pool here. However, let’s take ViaBTC for demonstration purposes. Let’s take Litecoin for example here. Select LTC from the drop-down menu.

    Go to settings, set up mining pool, wallet, and password. Choose ViaBTC for LTC as example. - 18

    • Scroll down and copy the Stratum URL.

    Scroll down and copy the Stratum URL. - 19

    • Go to the settings page. Paste it into the mining address.

    Paste into mining address in settings. - 20

    • The following tabs allow you to add extra mining pools. Hence, even if one mining pool goes down, you can mine with others.

    Add extra mining pools for backup if one goes down. - 21

    • Copy the ViaBTC username and paste it into the username tab on the settings page.

    Copy ViaBTC username, paste in settings. - 22

    • Ensure the username is separated by a period dg1. For example, the username entered here is rpm2023.dg1.

    Username format: username.dg1 - 23

    • The user password is X for all three sections. Hit save.

    The user password is X for all three sections. Hit save. - 24

    6. Start Mining

    • The mining process should have started immediately. However, it is ideal to restart the miner for accurate readings.
    • Now, check the ASIC’s dashboard. You can see the ASIC mining in its maximum hash rate.

    Restart miner for accurate readings. Check dashboard for max hash rate. - 25

    • You can check your mining profits and easily withdraw them.

    You can check your mining profits and easily withdraw them. - 26

    Check out the Detailed Video Tutorial of How to Set Up the Elphapex DG-1:

    Check out the Elphapex DG-1


    Factors like hash rate, power consumption, and energy efficiency of your mining hardware determine its quality. Hence, double-check those factors before buying an ASIC miner. Moreover, with so many fraudulent activities in the crypto mining industry, buying your Elphapex DG-1 from a reliable mining distributor is inevitable. Setting up your Elphapex DG-1 is relatively straightforward, and anyone can do it.

    FAQs on Elphapex DG-1 Setup

    • Do I need technical expertise or any special tools to set up Elphapex DG-1?
    • No. Setting up Elphapex DG-1 is relatively straightforward. It is like a plug-and-play miner, provided you have the suitable power infrastructure and cables. You can follow the step-by-step instructions in the blog or watch the video attached to set up your Elphapex DG-1 easily.

    • Is setting up the Elphapex DG-1 a time-consuming process?
    • No. Setting up Elphapex DG-1 will take 15 to 30 minutes, provided you have a high-speed internet connection.

    • Can I connect my Elphapex DG-1 with any Litecoin or Dogecoin mining pool?
    • Yes. One can connect Elphapex DG-1 with their preferred Litecoin or Dogecoin mining pool. However, if you face any hiccups when connecting with a specific pool, check whether you use the latest firmware or try restarting your ASIC.

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