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October 6, 2018

Dayun Zig Z1 – Product Specifications, Challenges & Solutions


    If you don’t know about Dayun Zig Z1, you’ve losing out on your profits.

    Why we are saying this?

    Because, the month of September was crazy in the Cryptocurrency industry.

    And, it’s all because of a new ASIC miner in the market.

    Yes, we are talking about the 28nm Lyra2REv2 ASIC Miner, Dayun Zig Z1.

    Well, it is the most power efficient ASIC miner among all and that is the best part of it.

    Check out how Dayun Zig Z1 started trending in the Google Search-

    Dayun Zig Z1 started trending in the Google Search


    So, let’s understand more about this ASIC miner and how it is beneficial for the Cryptocurrency mining industry.


    What is Dayun Zig Z1?

    Zig Z1 is a model of ASIC miner from the manufacturer named, Dayun.

    It mines Lyra2REv2 algorithm at the maximum hash rate of 6.8Gh/s. So, this reaches up to 100 1080Tis.

    Compared to other ASIC miners, Dayun Zig Z1 utilizes the power consumption of 1200W. That means Zig Z1 uses 1/20th the power to mine the coins.

    And, that is the reason why it is considered as the world’s first power efficient ASIC miner.

    What is the average profitability of Dayun Zig Z1?

    An average daily profitability is around USD 69.62 which leads to USD 2,088.50 in a month and USD 25,067.96 in a year.

    Well, you would be surprised to know though it is fluctuating, it is increasing day by day.

    So, if you are looking to make profits, this is the right time to invest in Dayun Zig Z1.

    What are the specifications of Dayun Zig Z1?

    Dayun Zig Z1 has a chip size of 28nm with 2 fans. It consists of four hash boards.

    It uses Voltage of 12V and it has the interface of Ethernet which is quite different from the other Cryptocurrency ASIC miners.

    Zig Z1 has the support of USB flash drive.

    And lastly, it has the noise level of 70db.


    What are the coins that it can mine?

    Here is the list of minable coins for the Dayun Zig Z1:

    1. Vertcoin (VTC)
    2. Monacoin (MONA)
    3. Galactrum (ORE)
    4. Rupee (RUP)
    5. Straks (STAK)


    What are the challenges found in Dayun Zig Z1?

    While looking at the discussions going on the various forums and communities such as forums, communities, Reddit, Quora, etc. about this Dayun Zig Z1.

    And, those discussions include the challenges that people are facing with this new ASIC miner.

    Let’s check them out:

    • Re-booting of the miner continuously
    • Not starting off properly
    • After starting, it is not constantly responding
    • Network light issues
    • Hashboards stopped working
    • No hash rate is shown in the panel
    • Hashboards showing the lower power of the hash rate
    • Firmware seems to be corrupted
    • And, much more

    What to do if you are looking to upgrade to Dayun Zig Z1?

    Looking at all the challenges above, there is only one thing required for all the people to do-

    Follow a step by step guide to upgrade to Dayun Zig Z1.

    For that, here we have made a complete guide on how to upgrade to Dayun Zig Z1.


    How to choose the right ASIC miner supplier?

    Did you notice that Dayun, the manufacturer of this Zig Z1 model, does not offer any support?

    Yes, that’s right. Dayun does not offer any support and you won’t find any support channel.

    So, the only option you have to buy your new Dayun Zig Z1 is to look for online suppliers available.

    Now, how to decide which supplier to choose to buy this ASIC miner?

    1. Look for the ASIC miner suppliers that seem to be providing the support for your queries
    2. Also, check out if that supplier has the capability to come up with blogs or articles that educate you with appropriate Cryptocurrency news and knowledge
    3. See if that supplier has an area of FAQs on their website as that shows the care for the customers
    4. Check out the product prices are not too higher or too lower than the market as that depicts the scam or profit-oriented supplier

    Now, that you know how to choose the right supplier for your new Dayun Zig Z1, get started with earning profits.

    Till then, check out our various ASIC miners including Dayun Zig Z1 here.

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