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Innosilicon is one of the leading companies with impeccable records in the IP and ASIC miners manufacturing industry. They have been serving its customers for over eight years. The company was established in 2016 and has its headquarters in Wuhan, Hubei.

Since its initiation, they have expanded its network and now has offices across other locations such as Zhuhai, Shenzhen, Ningo, Silicon Valley, and Toronto. They have 14 years of expertise in the semiconductor manufacturing industry, and their specialties include IP, IC, and ASIC. This specialty made them one of the leading mixed-signals manufacturing companies, which marks its success in the blockchain landscape. Along with manufacturing their products, they also offer customization; this makes their products even more favorable because getting chip customization is hardly offered by any firm.

They are the pioneers of the Asian Pacific market, as the company has had leading shares for almost ten years. Their smart innovation astonished everyone when they offered SoP mass production for all nodes ranging from 8 nm to 150 nm. This great innovation by them overstepped the industry’s boundaries and gained them a lot of recognition, even from companies like Samsung, UMC, SMIC, etc. In 2018, they were known to be one of the top companies to mass produce the GDDR6 interface, part of the cryptographic GPU. This step increased their trust in the audience, and they were thrilled to see more innovations by Innosilicon. Then in 2020, the company launched a chipset, INNOLINK, that allowed huge amounts to pass swiftly through the small chips to solve mathematical equations with great efficiency. Innosilicon is moving further with the vision to be well recognized amongst the world’s population, and they have already achieved half of the goal.