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Ibelink BM-K1 Fix issue guide New Firmware

diciembre 23, 2020 Ibelink BM-K1 Fix issue guide New Firmware

Hey everyone

Many user face problem with ibelink K1

  • it’s automatically change default pool
  • can’t add new pool
  • More Rejected Shares
  •  latest firmware
  • New Firmware support the fan to automatically adjust the speed according to the temperature of the equipment
  • Because of New Firmware Fan adjustment May affect noise reduction and power consumption reduction in the colder environment

how to Update Latest Firmware Ibelink BM-K1


Go to Ibelink Official Website :

Find Miner tool and Download it

now open Miner tool and follow step below image show. ( start machine First while doing this )

Last Step there is need to upload Latest Firmware to miner tool to Upgrade Machine

Download Ibelink BM-K1 Firmware from official website – firmware(V5.3.9)

Now Upload this firmware to miner tool Fourth step. and Click Upload and Miner Automatically Update Firmware.

If You Want to Setup & Guide :-  iBeLink K1 Specification and Setup Guide

Thank you



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