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Dayun Zig Z1 Firmware Upgrade Guide

octubre 1, 2018

Dayun Zig Z1 Pro 13 Gh/s Lyra2REv2 28 nm Zig Equipo de minado Z1Pro


Here show the step for Dayun Zig Z1 Firmware Upgrade Guide


  • Download the firmware upgrade package


        The firmware file is usually a .zip file named after the date.

        Download file from:- Click Here


  • Log in to the background and enter the update page, as shown below:


  • View the firmware version and the upgrade package version. The upgrade package version must be higher than the current firmware version to upgrade, otherwise the upgrade will be invalid.  


  • Click the Upload button to upload the downloaded upgrade package. After the upload is successful, please click the Start Upgrade button to upgrade. Please ensure that the page is not refreshed during this process. After the upgrade is successful, the mine will be restarted automatically.


  • After the restart is complete, log in to the background to check whether the version of the firmware has the same version of the upgrade package. If the upgrade indicates that the upgrade is successful, if the upgrade fails, please try the upgrade again. After the failure, please look for the customer service to request the firmware.


How To Manual Setup DAYUN Zig Z1 and Zig Z1+ octubre 22, 2018
How To Manual Setup DAYUN Zig Z1 and Zig Z1+

Check the machines if any loose, re-plug if         2. Connect with the power and start. &n

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