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Baikal BK-G28 – ASIC Miner Profitability & Specifications

October 28, 2018 Baikal BK-G28 ASIC Miner Specifications

So, we have a new entry in the list of ASIC miners – Baikal BK-G28.

The month of October in the year 2018 has remained very exciting for the Cryptocurrency mining industry. Early in this month, we got Dayun Zig Z1 and we were not yet done on discussing its specifications and profitability. And now, it’s Baikal BK-G28 which got released on October 26, 2018.

The moment Baikal launched their newest product, the chatter started among the Cryptocurrency miners across various forums, communities, and even groups.

Let’s get all the details about Baikal’s new BK-G28.

What is Baikal BK-G28?

Baikal is a manufacturer of various chips and software that includes developing ASIC mining hardware. Their most popular algorithm chip that we all know is Cryptonight. And, later on, they have successfully developed various ASIC miners which are efficiently used by various Cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Baikal recently launched the new ASIC miner, BK-G28.

BK-G28 from Baikal mines 8 algorithms. Here is a snapshot of all the algorithms, their hashrate, power consumption, efficiency, and even profitability from

What is Baikal BK-G28

This new ASIC miner mines at a minimum of 3.5Gh/s to at a maximum of 28Gh/s. The minimum power consumption for mining algorithms is of 300W and the maximum is of 1300W.

What is the profitability of Baikal BK-G28?

The way it is shown in the picture above, the profitability of Baikal BK-G28 starts from $0.01/day to $26/day.

But, the average profitability of Baikal BK-G28 is around $25 per day which reaches $771.47/month and $9,257.60/year.

What are the specifications of Baikal BK-G28?

Let’s start with the chip size of Baikal BK-G28 which is 300 x 190 x 158mm and its weight is around 6550 grams.

This ASIC mining hardware has the interface of Ethernet and has two fans with the noise level of 70db.

The voltage of BK-G28 is 12V and its humidity level is from 5% to 95%.

What are the mines that it can mine?

Here are the minable coins for Baikal BK-G28-

  1. Groestlcoin (GRS) Groestl
  2. MonetaryUnit (MUE) X11
  3. DigiByte (DGB) Qubit
  4. CannabisCoin (CANN) X11
  5. Dash (DASH) X11
  6. Quark (QRK) Quark
  7. Bulwark (BWK) Nist
  8. Sibcoin (SIB) X11Gost
  9. Myriad-Groestl (XMY) Myriad-Groestl
  10. DigitalpriceClassic (DPC) X11


By now, there is no issues or challenges experienced and shared by any mining pool communities or forums. That is the reason why we are concluding the information required for you to get started with Baikal BK-G28.

If you are looking to buy Baikal BK-G2B, here is the direct link. And, if you have any queries or concerns, share them here.


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